Easter table decor ideas for different design styles

Easter table decor ideas for different design styles

The Easter table decorations can be simple, traditional and stylish at the same time. In addition, this could be guaranteed to be seamlessly integrated into your own living style. It’s a lot easier than you might think, and we’ll be happy to teach you how to do it in the next few lines. First of all, we would like to make you aware of the typical Easter symbols. On this basis, you could then consider whether you would like to use all or just some of them as Easter decorations and come up with different combinations. Then we give you tips for different stylistic designs of the decoration.

Few and striking details make up the modern Easter table decorations

modern side table Easter table decoration

Symbols for your Easter table decorations

Easter eggs

The Easter eggs are not only the most distinctive, but also the most universal symbol of Easter. These could be both natural and made from various man-made materials. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration at Easter. You can use it to organize different games. The hollowed out Easter eggs are one of the best decoration ideas there is.

An Easter bush without leaves and metallic accents – a universal, modern table decoration variant

Easter table decorations - decoration in black and white


The carrots are a motif that clearly belongs to Easter and spreads a great spring mood. That’s why they’re almost perfect for rustic and traditional nostalgic decorating ideas.

The Easter basket

The Easter basket can also be created in different ways. A few days ago we published instructions for making one made from dough. In this case it will also be part of the Easter menu. Easter nests go particularly well with traditional decoration ideas.

With bright colors you provide a nostalgic note during the Easter celebration

Easter table decorations - fresh drinks - fresh ideas

Decoration with grass, moss and plants

We associate Easter with the spring mood. That is why smaller and larger decoration ideas with moss, grass or other vegetable elements are just perfect for this occasion. This idea is also ideal for anyone who wants to bring a piece of the beautiful natural environment home.

The traditional Easter decoration goes well with classically furnished apartments

Easter table decoration - wooden table with white decoration

Bunnies and other Easter highlights made of chocolate

Now it comes to the highlight and main element at some Easter celebrations. The bunnies and large Easter eggs made of chocolate are crucial for a good mood. You could also make great Easter desserts with or entirely out of chocolate. What do you think of a festive Easter cake?

The flowers and DIY ideas make the decoration look rustic

Easter table decorations - modern table ideas

Easter table decorations in different styles

Can you just imagine all these Easter symbols inside your interior? You can adapt them to different designs. We would be happy to illustrate this with the following examples and design ideas.

The delicious cakes and muffins can be perfect for the Easter table decorations for children

Easter table decorations - Scandinavian design

Simple table design

With the very simple, minimalist table design, these symbols are best incorporated in the form of patterns or in neutral colors. In addition, the color palette should be very restrained. This would have to be neutral or at least one color. When it comes to Easter eggs, people like to opt for simple DIY ideas made from modern materials.

Are you having a kids party for Easter? Do you like the decoration for this buffet?

Easter table decorations - great ideas in green and pink

Easter table decorations for a great children’s party

The children’s party at Easter should include as many DIY ideas as possible. Find simple craft ideas and make a part of them. Use it to design the table decoration. You can also realize other great craft ideas during the party. You should also decorate at least some of the desserts with Easter patterns.

In this case, the carrots have been cleverly used as accents to the lush green decoration

Easter table decorations - great interior furnishings - great ideas

Rural table design

With the rustic Easter table decoration, you should distribute the typical Easter symbols between the natural decoration. You could use moss and grass, as suggested earlier. Have you also seen our article about decorating with Easter bushes? We would also recommend a traditional Easter basket. It will certainly spread a good festive mood. In addition to green, you can use beautiful, cheerful colors such as red, yellow and orange for this type of design. Checkered fabrics in these tones would be a perfect idea in this case.

Just see what great decoration you could make out of glasses and a water jug

Easter table decorations bunnies and other glasses

Vintage and shabby chic

Vintage and shabby chic decoration ideas combine DIY ideas and the corresponding color palettes and materials. This type of Easter table decoration is particularly popular because it puts us in a nostalgic mood just like the rural decoration. For the vintage style, pick up some old items from the flea market that will remind you of your grandparents and childhood. Combine here too with vegetal accents. For the shabby chic style, rely more on simple objects in typical colors such as purple and pink. If you want to set accents with flowers, then these should have a sculptural effect.

The silver accents make this colored Easter table decoration appear particularly modern
Easter table decorations - great table design made of wood

Adaptation to the interior design

Customization through colors and patterns

We have given you specific tips for the hottest living styles. The Easter decoration can of course also be adapted to any other home design by choosing the right patterns and colors. In an industrial space, you could use colors and patterns that go well with this style when choosing the decoration. In this case, the colors red and orange and some metallic shades would be recommended. The Easter decorations made of bushes without leaves, such as napkins with rectangular patterns, would also be suitable. All of these will add an eclectic touch to the interior design.

Easter eggs and rabbits, chocolate and brown metallic tones create a fusion between modernity and tradition

Easter table decoration long beautifully decorated table

The other option would be to simply create an exciting contrast between different styles. Your super modern interior could very well benefit from the rustic Easter flair. That will provide a temporary change. Purely stylistically, your apartment would look eclectic for a while.

In any case, you should weld the Easter decorations and the rest of the interior together in some way. For example, if the style is not the same, they should both have a similar color, pattern, or other element.

Everything at Easter radiates harmony and joy. Show this clearly with the decoration!

In this case you have decorated in a minimalist way, but true to tradition. Fabulous, isn’t it ?!

Easter table decorations - great table in the corner

Easter table decoration lilac flowers and wood

Easter table decoration plate with meatballs

Are you looking for some charming vintage Easter ideas?

Easter table decorations vintage table design

Easter table decorations at home DIY vintage

white vintage decor Easter table decoration

Turn the Easter decoration into a celebration of lively colors and patterns!

Pink and white - great ideas - Easter table decorations

Table ideas in blue and pink Easter table decorations

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