Easy-care hedge – the perfect privacy screen for your garden

Easy-care hedge – the perfect privacy screen for your garden

Anyone who has a garden also needs a suitable privacy screen that guarantees privacy. But choosing the right one is sometimes a tedious task. Should it be a wooden privacy screen or a large wall? Or maybe an easy-care hedge that you have to cut regularly? Those who long for more green would prefer a garden hedge. Although you usually have to be patient until the hedge plants reach the desired height, garden hedges are a great alternative for decorative privacy screens. But now the question arises, which hedge is the right one for your own garden? In the following we give you some ideas on how to design an easy-care hedge for your garden. Because the undemanding garden hedges are enjoying increasing popularity.

The easy-care hedge also has a high decorative value

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Design an easy-care hedge – choose from numerous options

There is a rich selection of hedge plants, so any garden owner can find something, unless you know what you need. First and foremost, it is important to think about the conditions that the hedge plants must meet. Is the soil a problem in your garden? If so, the list of hedge plants that are right for you will be a little shorter. The easy-care hedges are a good option in this case. And would you like to have fast-growing trees? Or do you have the patience to wait for the desired height of the hedge? These are always questions which determine the right hedge plants for your garden. Depending on this, there are also different dates when you have to plant the hedge.

With an evergreen living fence, you have a green garden regardless of the season

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But then there is a particularly important point when choosing the hedge plants. Namely: Do you want a green and therefore opaque hedge all year round? Or could a seasonal hedge also meet your needs?

The right garden hedge for your own outdoor area

An easy-care hedge is preferred by many gardeners. The reasons for this are clear: it consists of resilient hedge plants that are easy to care for. With the easy-care garden hedge, you actually don’t have much to do. The topiary measures are a must if you want to maintain a beautiful hedge. The well-maintained living fence cannot become a home for birds, insects and mammals. In this regard, the cherry laurel is a popular easy-care hedge plant.

The cherry laurel hedge is an evergreen hedge that grows well on all soils and is easy to care for. The cherry laurel is a fast-growing and cold-resistant shrub that can reach heights of up to seven meters. This makes it a great privacy screen for outdoor privacy. The cherry laurel hedge is also extremely decorative because of its white flowers and black berries. Unfortunately, the leaves and fruits of the evergreen shrub are poisonous, making it unsuitable for families with children and pets.

It is best to plant the cherry laurel in spring. But there is one thing you had to consider if you wanted to plant a cherry laurel hedge in a small garden – the shrub grows quickly, so a narrow cherry laurel variety is better suited for limited areas.

Would you also like to enjoy a green outdoor area all year round?

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In the case of deciduous garden hedges, the privacy-protecting foliage usually falls off in autumn and thus allows strangers to look into your privacy. It also creates extra work for you – the fallen leaves have to be removed over and over. But even under the deciduous hedges there are easy-care specimens. The beech is real proof of that.

Beech is well suited for a beautiful year-round hedge design, although it is not evergreen, but rather unfolds its natural beauty in summer. In autumn the leaves of the beech are colored in the typical colors of the season and decorate the autumn garden. They don’t fall off until spring, but shortly afterwards the beech will sprout again. Beech hedges are indeed very easy to cut and robust. The beech hedge grows quickly and brings with it a different mood in every season. The beech is a very suitable hedge plant in a newly created garden. You have to choose from a few types.

Do you want to enjoy the change of season in your own garden? Then design your garden hedge with deciduous hedge plants

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Conclusion: So if you are looking for a decorative and easy-care garden fence, you should definitely consider easy-care hedge plants. Deciduous hedges give the outdoor area a wonderful look, but maybe not that certain something for your outdoor area? You then have to choose from numerous evergreen hedges that are wonderfully suitable for effortless hedge design. Designed as a privacy screen or demarcation, the easy-care hedge is a great completion of any outdoor area.

Try to avoid wild shrubs and maintain your garden hedge regularly

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