Expand the attic – remarkable tips and interior design ideas

Expand the attic – remarkable tips and interior design ideas

The attic is too valuable to leave it unused or overloaded with old objects. This can turn into a nice living space. This allows you to expand the living space. To expand the attic is actually no easy task. One should make an exact plan in advance and prepare well for it. We have some tips that you should keep in mind when loft conversions. You also get a few furnishing ideas as a suggestion.

Expand the attic and gain more living space

attic extend living room furniture furnishing tips

Planning and preparing everything exactly

Roof pitch set up to remove attic

Good preparation to the attic to expand

So that the attic expansion works well, the roof pitch should be greater than 30 degrees, a sufficient footprint and minimum room height of 2.30 meters available. These are the conditions to set up a complete apartment (with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room) under the roof slope. The next step is the inquiry with the responsible building authority whether the imaginary loft conversion is permissible at all. If you have the appropriate approval, next comes the inspection of the roofing, thoroughly. This must be absolutely waterproof and undamaged to save later problems with moisture damage and mold. The wood material and wooden beams with supporting function should be thoroughly checked after insect infestation and these are also combated as appropriate. Furthermore, it would be better to call specialists for the planning of heat and fire protection and for the connection of irrigation and drainage systems or the heating system.

A nice bedroom under skylights

Residential ideas bedroom attic expand

Ensure good insulation

attic expand diy projects

Window planning and roof insulation

If the roof has no windows, you should install them first. There are local special regulations, which vary according to the building legislation in your state and depending on the floor area of ​​the new loft. Mostly the window area should be 1/8 of the net floor area. Detailed information can be obtained from the relevant building authorities. In the window installation you should work very carefully, because the connection to the insulation must be complete.

For roof insulation, the felt between the rafters is laid out. This is called intermediate savings. Here, the insulating materials are differentiated depending on the heat conduction. The smaller the number, the better the insulation. For example, a 25 centimeter thick insulation already complies with the Energy Saving Ordinance. A sub-rafter insulation will be necessary if the rafters are not deep enough. Here, an additional insulation layer is mounted transversely under the rafters and so you can reach the necessary insulation thickness without changing the roof structure. Also, thermal bridges in the rafter area are excluded. After the roof insulation, you should still disguise the window reveals and sloping ceilings before you finally make the walls as desired.

Divide up the attic practically

attic extend living room furnishing tips

Remember the safety as well

remove diy projects attic

The floor and the room layout

Before removing the attic, check the load-bearing capacity of the floor. You can hire a structural engineer for this. If the floor is uneven, you should level it with a dry bed, for example, before setting up the walls.

Who wants to have separate living rooms on the top floor, this can be divided by plasterboard or gypsum fiber boards. These are attached to the previously laid Gibsplattenbeplankung on the ground. It is better to use a substructure of metal profiles, because this is absolutely straight.

Extend your living space by removing the attic. The most important tips you got above and now follow the interior design ideas in our picture gallery below. We wish you every success in the loft conversion!

Nice examples of attic furnishings

attic expand furnishing ideas pitch

Under the roof you can find room for everything!

attic remove bathroom ideas

Set up different zones

build attic to attic floor

A furnishing idea in the country house style

attic remove furnishing tips attic

With custom-made furniture, you can practically exploit every inch

attic expand furnishing tips bedroom

Integrated lighting is a very good idea for this

attic extend home office workroom

The attic can be a nice teenager's room

Develop attic expand nursery

Do not use the attic as a storage room anymore

attic expand storeroom roof

A round dining table under the sloping roof

attic expand room layout furnishing ideas

attic remove bedroom iden furnishing tips

Choose modern furniture

attic extend living ideas furnishing tips

Take advantage of all corners

attic extend living ideas living room furniture

Set up the attic again

decorate ideas of interior living space attic

furnishing tips attic expand diy projects

children's room ideas attic expand furnishing tips

Think of a clever room layout

expand attic to modern interior design ideas

room layout attic expand furnishing ideas

A nice and cozy living atmosphere

living ideas attic expand furnishing ideas

Living ideas and decoration –


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