Fabulous modern interior in eclectic Los Angeles style

What is the super modern city? No matter where she is in the world, she is full of contrasts. In addition, here live people with a free spirit and those who always stay young inside. Los Angeles is no exception. And best of all, this is presented by the eclectic style. Only he can be so individual and diverse. In addition, for him the playfulness and the combination of contradictions is typical. This is also illustrated by the modern interior design in this Los Angeles apartment.

The various textures make up the character of this modern interior

modern interior design functional funny decoration

Combining modern trends

In each specific case, the modern interior has a certain practical purpose to fulfill. If you have it e.g. To do with a historic building, one wants to combine classical stylistic features and modern trend ideas together harmoniously. In a city like Los Angeles, some retro styles were mixed. The seventies are also very present. In 2018, these are especially relevant. Due to the bright colored design and the bold design solutions, everything seems pretty tight.

Living ideas with equal "gravity" are juxtaposed

modern interior design two exciting themes

What do we find in this Los Angeles apartment?

As diverse as this apartment is, it seems so uniform at the same time. There are many themes that are addressed in this modern interior. But they are fairly evenly distributed in the apartment. So, eventually, you make it all look pretty consistent. Here are also the topics mentioned: accent accessories in retro style, portraits of famous people, fashion icons, furniture with iconic design, impressive textures and shapes, works of art.

The various functional living ideas flow into each other fluently

great accent carpet modern interior

What is "beautiful mess"?

What does the term "beautiful mess" actually mean? Surely that is a question that is answered by this modern interior. If we look at the premises, the following answers come up: This is the confrontation of two very dominant topics. They both have the same amount of "gravity" and thus create a kind of balance. It is also the joining of ideas that are different but equally conspicuous and have the following in common: a very courageous character. If one does so, then one has many details, but these are characterized by a common charisma. Hence the trendy and uniform appearance.

Pop Art and the depiction of famous people are a big part of the decoration ideas

modern interior design different great patterns

The connection with the city

The inhabitants of this apartment obviously live in Los Angeles and love this city. Through the open wall design, they seize the best sights on site in their view. The boundaries between the interior and the fabulous CityLine are blurry. You arrive home in the broad sense of the word: you feel comfortable and in good hands in a nice ambience. At the same time one does not forget for a minute that one lives in the city of one's own dreams.

This modern interior offers a nice view from all rooms!
carpets modern interior decoration

The interior design ideas for the home office are no exception in style

beautiful furniture modern interior

At any time of day, the interior has a different appearance

pop art romance modern interior design

Here, too, we feel the mood at night

modern interior romantic atmosphere

modern interior design in an evening

All deco and living ideas are garish and eye-catching

modern interior design great bed design

The bathroom design is a bit brighter, but otherwise in the same eclectic style as the rest of the living ideas

modern interior design modern design furniture

modern interior pop art accents

Eye-catching carpets define different zones …

modern interior design elegant bed

… as well as other eye-catching living ideas, such as the accent furniture.

grele red accents modern interior decoration

There is no lack of surprising ideas and unusual details!

a great bedroom modern interior

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