Fancy wallpapers drive the boredom out of your room

Fancy wallpapers drive the boredom out of your room

fancy wallpaper palm trees bedroom

Unusual wallpapers spice up the room in an attractive way

We have very often addressed the subject of wall design on our website. How can it be otherwise? This forms the basis for everything else in the room. The wall design is a powerful tool in design. If you can put it to good use, you will feel comfortable and even happy at home.

City wallpaper

fancy wallpaper city sofa

Colors are good, but not enough for some people. You want to ensure a real experience in certain or all rooms. Because that is their nature. Are you one of them? Unusual wallpapers come to your aid. Here’s our pick from today. It will probably only give you a taste for the great possibilities that the market offers.

Wall murals for girls

Teenage girls or just women who cannot part with the charm of this age would love such a mural. If you cannot integrate this directly into the living room, then there are other options.

In any case, the selected ambience will get a very individual and great character

unusual wallpaper jungle wolf

The message of such fancy wall wallpapers is clear. You want to be the way you are and nobody should do anything about it. Otherwise he is not wanted at home. Would this go well with your living environment?

Something extravagant

unusual wallpapers attractively fresh

Wall murals with natural views?

You wonder why we assign such wallpapers to the category “unusual”. Now you admit that a landscape with a captivating view on an entire wall looks quite bold and daring. This is also binding and takes you to another world.

This is exactly what has been achieved by this captivating city view with the ocean in NY. Have you been made to dream? Do you have memories of a great city that you also want to make present in this way in the living room?


fancy wallpaper sea bird

This is about pure nature. City life is contested with unusual wall wallpapers of this kind. It shows that you want to travel all the time.

Isn’t this a handsome prospect?

unusual wallpaper nature mountains

Now we come to the really unusual wall murals

If the examples earlier weren’t fancy enough, check out our next mural wallpaper! Who is expecting a huge ant in the room on the wall? This will provoke all kinds of bizarre reactions.

It will certainly not be boring

wall mural ant leaf nature

The wallpaper inscribes itself great in the interior

unusual wallpaper living room wall design

Accent wall with wallpaper

dining room accent wall wallpaper nature

City map

dining room wallpaper folder city

Beautiful wallpaper for the dining room

dining room wall decoration wallpaper table decoration

Floral pattern

wallpaper flowers colored fresh sofa cabinet

Elegant floral motifs

wallpaper flower pattern romantic

Bedroom with wallpaper

wallpaper, bedroom, clouds, sunlight


white sofa wallpaper wave

Orange flower

living room wallpaper orange flower


living room wall wallpaper brick plant

Colored dots

wallpaper dots colored funny

Fresh pattern

unusual wallpaper fresh flower pattern throw pillows

Fascinating wall design

unusual wallpapers living room walls bricks

World map in the nursery

wallpaper world folder children's room youth room

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