Finally order: with these order aids there will never be chaos again!

Keeping order is not difficult, it just needs the right order aids and a few helpful tricks. Once the closet, whether in the kitchen, office or wardrobe, has been mucked out and tidied up, tidiness is really good! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started so that your closet will also be tidy with orderly helpers. There is a lot to do on a rainy weekend in January and a start would be made.

Order in the closet

“Order is half the battle!”, That’s what they say and somehow the statement is correct! The more clutter there is in the closet, the longer it takes to find the things that are really needed. The worst thing is, there are so many items piling up on the shelves that are no longer present. In other words, we no longer know that we even have them. When the time has come and the inhibition threshold becomes so great that the desire to tidy up becomes less and less, a starting shot should be given: I say: “On the cupboards, get set, go!”

Boxes and boxes

In order to ensure order on the shelf or in the closet, you need order keepers. These are boxes, baskets and boxes in which the utensils find a well-organized place. But first of all it has to be cleaned up.

Guardian of order for the closet.

Tidying up, helpful tips:

  1. In order to tidy up closets in general, you should first clear out and localize the entire contents. The question arises: what is actually in the closet?
  2. Put all the things that are important to you and that go with the cupboard theme (work cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen cupboard, …) to the side. You bring the things that belong in other closets to the respective room or simply put them in another place for the time being.
  3. Sorts the cabinet contents, i.e. candles to candles, napkins to serviettes, stationery to stationery, etc.
  4. It makes sense to only organize and put back the parts that are important to you and that have great functional value. All the things that are superfluous and no longer needed leave the house. Therefore, when you put away, you start with these important items.
  5. Depending on the size of the sorted accessories and the size of the cupboard or compartment, you need suitable boxes or baskets so that you can organize and stow the small parts appropriately.


Every beginning is difficult. It is helpful if you start with a closet first so that there is no chaos in your entire apartment. Once you have started, the next cabinets follow.

Order in the closet with law enforcement officers from DEPOT

Order keeper for the dining room cabinet

Tablecloths, napkins, candles, lighters, towels, glasses and much more are piled up in the dining room or kitchen cupboard. How can you get an overview? The worst thing is: If you pull a tablecloth or a packet of napkins off the shelf, things are mixed up again. Practical law enforcement officers and a few tricks will help you keep your closet tidy.

Order in the dining room cupboard, helpful tips:

  1. Small items such as candles, lighters or napkin rings can be stored very well in boxes. You can stack boxes with lids very well, that saves space and they are quickly at hand when you need something out of them.
  2. It is helpful to label the boxes so that you can find the things you are looking for. This works very well with a Dymo labeling machine!
  3. The more shelves there are in your closet, the better you can keep things tidy. Boxes or folded tablecloths are easier to pull out of the closet.
  4. The eye organizes. Nice law enforcement officers, like this one Baskets made of felt and cork from DEPOT, upgrade your closet contents. Baskets with handles are practical, so you can easily carry them to the table when you want to fill or empty them.
  5. Napkins or Dish towels should you load the baskets or boxes upright, you will always have a good overview of the contents. Objects are also easier to take out of the basket.

Baskets for the dining room cabinet, great tidies for towels.

Boxes for the wardrobe

It’s time to clear out the closet. T-shirts and shorts are no longer needed, but thick wool sweaters and socks are. So it’s a good time to tidy up your wardrobe. Nice police officers made of velvet help you and are motivation enough, aren’t they?

Order keeper for the wardrobe.

Order with law enforcement officers in the wardrobe, helpful tips:

After the wardrobe has also been cleared and the clothes that are no longer important to you have left the house, they can be put away again – well sorted of course.

  1. Lay or hang? It makes sense to hang the clothes you wear a lot on hangers. These are pants, skirts, dresses, suits, sweaters, long shirts, t-shirts, blouses, blazers and jackets. You can hang hung up clothes back in the closet more quickly and easily than clothes that you have to fold up first. In addition, stacks of sweaters can quickly wobble when you pull out a lower piece. The clothes that you don’t wear much can then be folded up and find a place on a shelf.
  2. The narrower or thinner the clothes hanger, the more clothes fit on your clothes rail.
  3. If your wardrobe does not have a height to hang clothes, you can also put it over a trouser hanger.
  4. Small items like belts can be sorted into boxes, like here in the velvet boxes from DEPOT. Note, the items should also be sorted upright here.
  5. With Velvet boxes you can fill in gaps in the closet, there is a lot of storage space hidden here.
  6. Boxes in different colors tell who the content belongs to. Maybe blue for men and old pink for women?
  7. If there are no drawers in your closet, boxes are a great alternative for you. Here you can sort socks or underwear very well.

Order keeper for socks or shawls.

Extra tip:

Hang all hangers upside down in the closet. The clothes that are still hanging on the upturned hangers after six months are probably ready to leave the closet. Used clothing can be sold very well via special online portals. In this way, you can better let go of high-quality clothing that is too good for the old clothes bag.

Velvet boxes are order keepers for the wardrobe.

Order with clerks in the office cupboard

The eye helps! With beautiful law enforcement officers, it’s really fun to keep order. This is exactly where the difficulty often lies. No sooner has the closet been tidied up than the mess again.

Order in the office with law enforcement officers.

The tips mentioned above also help in the office cupboard:

  1. Many shelves form levels for boxes and Wooden boxesso you can pull them out of the closet better.
  2. Objects such as stationery, paper bags or pads should be put upright into the boxes so that you can see the contents at once.
  3. Boxes with a transparent lid reveal the contents. Order is also practical on your desk. You can find a nice set at DEPOT: Box of 4 made of wood
  4. Boxes with recessed grips are very easy to carry.
  5. Boxes with lids you can stack them, the contents don’t collect dust so quickly.
  6. You can label the spine of folders in a uniform manner, which ensures visual order. Well-labeled files are half the battle when it comes to finding them.
  7. Free shelves offer storage for current papers that you have to sort out first. So your letters don’t pile up on your desk. You should work through the pile once a week, otherwise it will quickly become a mess again.
  8. The objects that you often need should be placed at eye level. The things that you don’t need that often, move up or down.

Law enforcement officers with viewing window.

To keep order you not only need beautiful law enforcement officers, you also need a little discipline. Nothing is more exhausting than cleaning up things that have been piling up in your closet for a year or more. Regular clearing away and sorting out saves you a lot of time. But beautiful boxes and baskets are a huge motivation to start tidying up and sorting. Order in the closet may also mean creating visual order. Matching order systems, which are coordinated in size, make your closet look much tidier.

Do you know the 1 minute rule? Everything that can be cleared away within a minute should be done immediately. That’s more than you think;).

I hope you enjoy tidying up and tidying up.


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