Finding the right place for the garden house – what should you watch out for?

Finding the right place for the garden shed – what should you watch out for?

Having your own garden is a huge advantage. It not only offers numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation, but also provides a peculiar stage for the realization of different decoration ideas. Designing the outdoor area according to your own requirements does not always turn out to be an easy task. For example, if you want to buy an outdoor garden shed, you should carefully consider the most suitable place for it. The optimal location is of course different for each garden. How do you find this out? Several criteria are taken into account. Are you also looking for a suitable location for your new garden shed? Then make a note of the following!

Where is the best place to set up a garden shed?

place the garden house correctly what to watch out for

Take enough time to plan the garden house!

A gate house can have various functions. From tool shed to hobby room to second living room. That is why it is so important to place this correctly. Where the garden shed stands can be described as a very individual matter. Above all, it depends on the property in question. Your own interests and preferences are of course also decisive. Because in the end you have to feel comfortable where you are!

Not only the location and size of the garden are important for the most suitable location. Various garden elements limit the possibilities of placing the house in one place or another. These can be terraces, ponds, sidewalks, walls, trees and flower beds. Legal regulations also play a role. Will the garden house be built on private property or in an allotment garden? In the following lines, we will go into more detail about the individual criteria when choosing a location for a garden house.

Garden house planning made easy

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What should you consider when looking for the right place for the garden shed?

Take the local development plan into consideration

Before building a garden house, you should pay attention to the local development plan. Which legal regulations apply in the respective federal state or in the municipality? In most cases, no building permit is required. However, it is advisable to inquire with the city or local government. This is how you play it safe. The distance specifications must also be observed.

Determine the intended use

At the beginning you have to be clear about what you will actually use the house for. Because garden houses can serve very different purposes. This is closely related to the choice of location. Will that be a tool shed? Then it is better to set it up in a corner of the garden. In this way, no important floor space is occupied. It would then be good to position the house next to the vegetable and flower beds. If, however, the garden house is to be transformed into a sauna house, then you can build it right next to the house. If the garden house is intended for recreation, a hidden place in the garden is recommended. If you use the garden shed for get-togethers with friends and relatives, the view and direction play a decisive role.

Would you like a garden house surrounded by greenery or do you prefer the unobstructed view of the garden?

How to correctly determine the garden shed location worth knowing

Alignment carefully choose

Correctly aligning the garden shed proves to be particularly important. The garden house is best built in the northeast corner of the garden. This makes it possible to enjoy the sun all day and from there to admire a great sunset is guaranteed. This location and orientation are preferred when the garden shed is designed as a cozy place to stay. For a garden shed, it is more advisable to build it in a shady place. This avoids glaring sun.

Check the subsurface

The optimal soil condition is an important prerequisite for the long and problem-free use of the garden house. The ground must not be too damp or muddy. Since a solid foundation is required for the house, the dry and at the same time permeable subsurface ensures a secure footing. A level surface is also a must. But if you want to set up the house on a hillside, the slope must first be leveled out. The amount of work also depends on the properties of the soil.

The sufficient distance to water, such as the garden pond, must also be observed. Otherwise the stability of the garden house could be threatened.

Inquire the neighborhood

When planning the garden house, select a location that is sufficiently far away from the neighborhood. Opaque fences are a great idea for limiting your privacy from that of your neighbors. Even though distance is required by law, you could still somehow disturb the comfort of your neighbors. So it is advisable if they know about the construction of your garden house. The construction of a garden house ensures you a better comfort in your own garden, but at the same time it affects the privacy of the neighbors in one way or another.

Before starting construction, think fundamentally about the optimal location for the garden house

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Conclusion: The garden houses can be used in many ways because they serve different purposes. Whether you use your garden shed for storage or as a place to relax is entirely your own decision. The right choice of location guarantees you a problem-free and comfortable use of the garden house. Be sure to observe the building regulations for a garden shed. If there are no restrictive conditions, then the placement of the garden shed is up to your own preferences!

The right garden house planning makes the garden house a place of well-being

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