Floor fashions for 2020 – something interesting can always be found!

Floor fashions for 2020 – something interesting can always be found!

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Floor fashions 2020

Thank goodness the topic of Floor fashions less and less neglected. Because actually here you have very broad opportunities for developing your own creativity. It has been recognized, both on the part of the user and the designer, that the design of the floor is just as important as that of the furniture or accessories.

Do you want to do something new at home in 2020?

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Floor fashions could be wonderful sources of inspiration for renewal in your home!

If you visit the relevant shopping chains regularly, you would notice that there are always a variety of options available. Parquet is still a very common and popular solution. But if you look at it in a fashion conscious way, then you would very likely have to look at this flooring from a different angle. Quite a few colored variants have now been introduced. These new, colorfully shaded floor fashions also include rather garish solutions in many cases.

Wouldn’t you like to weld the different nuances together in your home with a colorfully shaded floor or an accent wall?

Put a decorative effect on the floor

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Decorative carpet

Decorative fabrics that are used as accent surfaces do not necessarily have to be laid on the wall or on the furniture. What about the floor? Fashion trends have been going in this direction for a long time. Did you notice this?

Different textures on the floor? Fashion trends encourage such solutions more and more often.

Combining different textures on the ground is also becoming more difficult as an exception. In our opinion, a particularly good solution is to pair tiles and wood. The result is both super playful and incredibly appealing.

Boden Moden: Create an exuberant combination of materials

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Combine different materials

But some floor fashion trends 2020 go even further. You bring two materials together, such as stones or gravel, tiles and wood. Another great combination that we would like to suggest to you as an experiment includes adding concrete to the other elements. You can choose to consider the floor as the starting point for your overall design. Then you can boldly play with the colors and textures and their pairs. Then distribute the appropriate elements evenly in the room and enjoy the harmony that will arise despite the diversity.

Floor fashion trends also include winter gardens

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It is again about fashion trends in floors, which we just love. Solid ground is paired with a winter garden. It is best to use either a wood texture or a texture that visually mimics it. In this way you also avoid the fragmented appearance that would result from vases, pots and other means.

Don’t be afraid of the unusual

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The bottom line is that the new floor fashion trends will not tolerate the fear of bold solutions. Rather, you should show courage. However, in order not to exceed the limits of the aesthetic, you should rely on your inner feeling.

Safe floor with multi-colored tiles

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You do not want to do without the tiles, which are firm and safe, but also want to enjoy the joie de vivre that is possible with the floors thanks to the new fashion trends? Then consider multi-colored or even differently patterned tiles.

Could your latest house project for 2020 be about the floor? We wish you a lot of fun!

Floor fashions and marble tiles as flooring

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Combine carpeting and laminate

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How do you like this flooring?

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Floor trends with cork flooring

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The wooden floor never goes out of style

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Try the combination of wood and tiles

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A carpet for the living room

flooring interesting flooring floor fashions

Use different ground textures as room delimitation

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