Fresh felt decorations for the apartment – make original spring decorations yourself

Fresh felt decorations for the apartment – make original spring decorations yourself

Spring is in the air and charges us with positive emotions. The craft fans draw great inspiration from the rich color palette of spring, which is expressed with the help of suitable materials. Everyone has unlimited freedom to create creative spring decorations according to their own preferences. Be it made of wood, paper or recycled materials … Nevertheless, one handicraft material is often underestimated: felt. That’s why we would like to focus on felt today. Crafting with felt could turn into a favorite pastime! So what about an original felt decoration at the beginning of the new season? We also give you some impressive handicraft ideas on how to beautify your home like spring.

Felt decorations immerse the apartment in a spring mood

felt decoration spring daffodils make fresh home decoration yourself

Why felt is a popular material for handicrafts?

Felt is a popular material for home-made spring decorations. The main reason: it’s so diverse and practical. Craft felt is perfect for handicrafts with children. It’s because it’s easy to edit. In the case of craft felt, the individual textile fibers are intertwined tightly and in a disorderly manner. So the felt can be described as a solid and stable material. At the same time, this is characterized by the fact that it is soft and pliable. That makes it a great material for crafting. This is a special felt that is sold in the form of small felt mats, felt balls, or felt objects.

With felt, numerous craft ideas can be realized that are hardly conceivable with other materials. You can design wonderful decorative pieces yourself, so that your own four walls get the desired festive garb. Felt offers great versatility in handicrafts. You can sew or glue the craft felt. This can also be easily cut. That makes the range of craft ideas even wider.

Be creative with the spring decoration with craft felt

felt decoration spring flowers vase beautiful apartment decoration

Make unusual felt decorations for spring

Handicrafts with felt are a lot of fun for young and old. Wonderful Easter and Christmas decorations can be made from felt. Felt decoration is also a great eye-catcher regardless of the season. But now, when winter is already gone, we would like to introduce you to some nice DIY ideas for spring. You can decorate the apartment with the handicrafts or give it away.

What is typical for spring? The fresh flowers, of course! Since spring wreaths are such a popular decoration at this time of year, you could make a nice alternative to the floral wreath: a felt wreath. There is also a wide range of ideas for this. The felt wreath of flowers can, for example, be completely or only partially filled. This could also represent an unusual combination of felt and other materials at first glance.

A wonderful wreath of flowers for the front door made entirely of felt

felt decoration unusual spring wreath freshly colored

Wreath of willow branches and felt – a fitting combination that is both rustic and stylish

Filzdeko spring wreath rustic colorful decorated

The list of possible DIY ideas contains many more varied crafting options. These include fresh spring garlands, items to hang up and beautiful decorative accessories. You could even decorate vases and pots with felt.

If you want to freshen up the table decorations, you should buy colorful sprinkles such as flowers, leaves, figures and symbols. If these are skillfully distributed on the table, a nice spring feeling is spread.

A lot of beautiful decorations can be created from felt

Make your own felt decoration cute chicks

A typical spring symbol can easily be made out of felt: the hyacinth.

Cut out a strip of the craft felt

Tinker felt decoration hyacinth tinker spring flowers

Fold the felt strip lengthways and glue the two ends together

Felt decoration tinker felt flower hyacinth

Cut the folded strip of felt as shown in the picture

make felt decoration yourself make hyacinth yourself

Wrap the fringed felt around a pipe cleaner. Also use some glue so that it is well attached

felt decoration spring hyacinth tinker ideas

Add a few leaves and you’re done!

felt decoration hyacinth tinker spring decoration decorate apartment

Not only beautiful clothing accessories can be made from felt. You can also make great home decorations yourself with craft felt. For every style of living and for every occasion. But now it’s time to make spring decorations! So let’s go to work and good luck! Collect more ideas from the inspiring picture gallery, what you can felt yourself for spring!

Fresh decoration idea for the front door

felt decoration unusual door wreath spring

Lots of interesting things can be made out of felt

Filzdeko tinker yourself craft ideas spring

Including great hanging decorations

filzdeko original craft idea bunny tinker yourself

Fine motivation, concentration and patience are encouraged when doing handicrafts

felt decoration felt wreath colorful felt flowers beautiful decoration ideas

Stylish decorative wreath for inside or outside

Filzdeko felt wreath yourself make flowers spring-like

Isn’t that a lovely decoration idea for spring?

felt decoration felt balls original felt wreath spring-like

Make a colorful felt garland

felt decoration felt balls easter bunny garland

Make fresh spring decorations from felt yourself

felt decoration make fresh spring decoration felt garland

Beautiful spring flowers can be made from felt without much effort

felt decoration spring decoration ideas colored flowers

Filzdeko spring tinker colorful flowers yourself

felt decoration spring fresh decoration ideas chick

Felt decoration make spring flowers yourself create original spring decoration

felt decoration spring flowers vase creative decoration ideas

Filzdeko make unusual accessories yourself spring

felt deco cases decorate beautiful spring craft ideas

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