Lately we've been looking at fall decorations a lot. DEPOT has made a lot of inspiring posts about it, but what's next? Pumpkins are great, but let's be honest, at some point you just run out of them.

Today we are going to show you a possibility how you can decorate a tray (without pumpkins) for autumn. But the best thing about it is that we immediately recommend an upcycling idea like the one you get from the autumn tray Advent wreath can conjure. Are you curious?
Then let's get started!

As basic equipment for the Autumn tray we have chosen the following articles:

  • Tray in silver or gold
  • Rag moss or reindeer moss
  • Light houses including batteries
  • Cones
  • silver-colored fir trees
  • silver colored deer

Tip for designing the tray

First, the moss is distributed on the tray and the individual items are arranged as desired. You should pay attention to where the tray is. If it is on the wall, the small objects are placed in front and the tall ones in the back. If the tray is in the middle of the table, you should place the tall objects in the middle of the tray and the small things around them. So you have a "free view" of the beautiful decoration.

The redesign to the advent wreath

The redesign is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes. But we still need a few materials that give the Advent wreath a Christmassy flair. You are free in the design and in the choice of colors. For my variant, I opted for the delicate color mint. However, the Advent wreath in red, blue or silver would at least have its magic.

I have added the following articles for the Advent wreath:

  • beautiful candles
  • small and large tree ball
  • as required: artificial snow

For the redesign, the tray is first cleared except for the moss.

Next we spread the snow and put the candles on it. The candles should have a firm stand, so you push the moss a little apart and best place them directly on the tray.

The next step is to remove a few decorative elements from the autumn tray, e.g. the light houses and the deer, placed on the Advent tray. Since we want to keep the beautiful candles in focus, we place such decorative elements on the edge of the tray.

Finally, we turn to the tree balls. First the big ones and then the little ones are distributed on the tray.

Now one or the other may ask why we put the light houses on the Advent wreath. After all, we have candles and they provide enough light. Of course you are absolutely right!

Explanation: The light houses are simply an eye-catcher, even without turning them on. In addition, the candles are probably not lit every day and so we create a warm atmosphere with the light houses.

I wish you a lot of fun building it!

Your Evi from Deko-Hus

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