Furnishing idea with a wonder board and photo panels

Furnishing idea with a wonder board and photo panels

The walls in the living room, bedroom and dining room offer many decoration options for pictures, paintings and photos. Photo walls are particularly nice to look at. They give bare and boring living spaces a lively touch. The photo collection can consist of very different motifs. Be it souvenir photos from childhood, family portraits, landscape shots or themed motifs, users can use their creativity when putting them together. The result is individually designed rooms with a very personal touch.

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Photography is part of everyday life. Whether taken with a mobile phone or a professional camera, photos bring memories.

From the idea to implementation in reality

There are several ways to put the photos on the wall. One possible variant is the Petersburg hanging. It is a kind of “ordered chaos”, because the pictures are hung in different frames, different sizes and different colors or styles. Nevertheless, the arrangement results in a unity, an overall picture, because a style element connects all photos. This can be, for example, the topic (e.g. family) or a detail (e.g. flowers) that can be found in all photos and more or less obviously brings them to a common denominator.

In addition to the St. Petersburg hanging, which actually takes its name from the famous St. Petersburg Hermitage, this picture arrangement is also known as a salon hanging. The reason is that it was used in representative rooms in numerous manor houses in the 18th century. In 2011 the Süddeutsche Zeitung published an article about the Petersburg hanging, which gives an insight into the “applied theory of art”.

The Petersburg hanging is so classic that it can still be found in many households today. Even if many now refer to it as a “collage”, “photo wall” or “memory wall”, in principle it is always the timeless salon hanging from the 18th century. In the meantime, however, consumers no longer use original paintings, but instead buy art prints or use personal photos. So that the motifs come into their own, you can make use of the latest technology. Instead of using simple photos for a few cents, the use of contemporary materials is recommended.

Wonder board – lively effect and high quality

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Petersburg hanging in the smallest of spaces in private households.

The photos can be printed out in high quality in specialist shops and put on a WunderBoard. The aluminum panel has a white surface. The images can be transferred to this in a high resolution. A transfer press is usually used for this. In contrast to normal photo printing, this technique has many advantages. The wonder boards are available in different sizes. You can use them to create extraordinary collages in no time at all.

The aluminum photo panels make the picture look lively and shiny. The aluminum consists of three layers. In the middle there is a plastic layer. Around them, two thin three millimeter aluminum plates. Aluminum has important properties, as can be read here in detail: it is dimensionally stable, stable, durable and creates a slightly reflective effect. Since the photo is pressed on and aluminum can withstand any weather, the photos can also be attached to the outside wall. They decorate terraces or balcony walls as well as the bathroom or living room. Since the white areas are not printed on brushed aluminum, the photo appears bright and sharp. Even the smallest details are visible. On the other hand, on the aluminum plates with a white top layer, the image appears intensely colored.

The aluminum plates are light. In contrast to a classic photo print, the different textures can be felt on the metal. The feel of the photo is reminiscent of a painted picture. Black and white photos, architectural photos, painting and technical motifs come into their own particularly well. In contrast to conventional photo printouts, images on aluminum panels do not fade much. The colors stay the same for a long time.

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Photo panels are weatherproof and can therefore also be placed outside.

Placement of the photo panels on the wall

The placement of the wonder boards leaves many hobby artists at a loss. The room, its size and the wall color play an important role in the design of the photo wall. Clear, light wall colors offer more creative freedom than restless walls. It also depends on the class and not on the mass. A large photo panel can have a huge impact. Especially if the subject is poignant or unusual. In any case, a sure instinct and intuition are an advantage when designing a photo wall.

Set up a picture gallery at home

It doesn’t always have to be the salon hanging. Sometimes photo series with images of the same size look better. Then it is advisable to attach it to the wall accurately and in a straight line. It is important that the picture wall fits into the overall concept of the room. If the interior is tidy and modern, the style on the wall can match it – or set an opposite pole. If the furniture is delicate, small pictures are suitable so that they do not look overwhelming.

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An invisible line should be visible in a picture gallery with different photo sizes. Hobbyists can help themselves with the design with a thin string and hang the wonder boards along this. A constant distance ensures peace and harmony. As far as the height is concerned, the pictures should be arranged low in rooms in which the users sit a lot, while aluminum panels in the hallway and stairwell can hang higher.

The hanging systems on the back of the picture ensure the floating effect of the wonder boards. The panel then hangs away from the wall about one centimeter away.

Note: The wider the picture gallery on the wall, the wider the wall appears. If you hang your photos horizontally, you can visually increase the room. If the choice of color is uniform, a harmonious effect unfolds. If you want to combine color and black and white photos, you should plan the arrangement carefully. An effective effect can be achieved when black and white images frame an intense color image.


The wonder boards are visually appealing and convince with their high quality. If you want to have your self-made photographic works of art printed on aluminum, you have to reckon with 30 to 100 euros depending on the size. When it comes to the printing process, you can choose between matt and gloss, the color quality is brilliant, the image sharp and elegant. Because the wonder boards are more durable than normal photo prints and insensitive to scratches, the extra charge is worth it.

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