Furniture trends and decorating ideas as furnishing inspiration for 2020!

Furniture trends and decorating ideas as furnishing inspiration for 2020!

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Furniture trends for 2020: 8 items you definitely need to get this year

Everything in our everyday life changes far too quickly. It is really difficult to decide what is trendy and what is not. Besides, there is no way to decide whether something is worth pursuing if the next transformation is coming soon anyway. But you are much more flexible when it comes to these things. There are many different ways to bring furniture to the latest trend.

There are 8 items here that will without a doubt be super popular in 2020.

See-through chairs give the room more tranquility

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See-through furniture

A trend among furniture is the transparent pieces. Historically, this trend is due to the invention of “Ghost Louis” by Philippe Starck. He was one of the first, but not the last, to create not only a chair, but also an armchair, cupboard and other such objects.

In addition, the transparent furniture made of modern materials is also very practical. These work wonderfully in not very large rooms. They dissolve into the air, so to speak, and that makes it possible for them to appear much larger. They also let sunlight through. This also makes the room appear larger and more spacious.

A modern light source

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Light bulbs without any jewelry

In other words, we are dealing with yet another invention of industrial design. Thanks to this, people have often decided to forego chandeliers and elaborate lamps. You can see many great industrial looking facilities which are illuminated in this way. This idea can actually be well inscribed in other styles as well. A facility like this would look great in lofts, a rustic ambience or Scandinavian-style rooms.

You can further emphasize the beauty of this idea with a DIY grid construction or another great idea.

Furniture trends and interesting carpets

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Ethnic carpets

Ethnic style carpets are also one of the items that are very popular this year. They mostly have natural nuances. In this regard, they are neutral and look very nice. But on the other hand, they have super original and exotic motifs. They spice up the mood wonderfully.

Combine modern furniture and wall murals

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Wall murals

Yes, the new furniture trends can also be wonderfully combined with photo wallpapers. But these are not so much great pictures, but rather the imitation of certain materials. So you can enjoy their charm and beauty without buying them. For this reason, bricks with natural nuances, for example, are very important.

Mirror in the shape of a sun

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This trend is not new, but it remains very relevant this year. Their presence would make your home feel quite modern.

Decorative pillows with graphic patterns

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Decorating furniture with graphic patterns is a trend that has been gaining in importance for many years. But now the time has come that this can no longer be stopped. It’s an absolute hit. The throw pillows with the bright, geometric figures are an absolute hit at the moment.

Plants at home

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In 2020, plants will be an absolute must in interior design. This has a lot to do with the eco-style that is becoming classic. You are not just beautiful. The plants make the air much healthier. They are also believed to be able to drive the negative energy out of your home.

Tiles in noble nuances

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The bathroom has to catch up. People want to feel just as comfortable there as in any other room. Even nicer. Personal hygiene, your own well-being and health are becoming more and more important. For this reason, this room can also stand a little above the other rooms in terms of luxury. Great shiny tiles with different nuances would be quite capable of achieving this effect.

Furniture trends: modern and bright bar stools for the one-room apartment

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Fit out the dining room with see-through chairs

furnishing ideas furniture trends trend furniture furnishing apartments

Put a colored accent in the kitchen

kitchen furnishing trends furnishing ideas kitchen

Do you like the colorful living atmosphere?

furniture trends trend furniture furnishing ideas furnishing apartments

Furniture trends: Side tables and coffee table made of natural wood

trendy furniture furniture trends apartment furnishing furnishing ideas

Introduce color to the Scandinavian style

design living room furniture trends decorate living room

Make sure you have a consistent facility

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