Garden fence: these are original ideas

Garden fence: these are original ideas

The fence around the home is indispensable for many garden owners. After all, this serves as a visual delimitation of the property, protects against unwanted looks from the outside and provides a certain protection.

However, it does not always have to be a classic wire mesh or double wire mesh fence – because many hobby gardeners want to design their own fence individually. The following article shows which ideas are particularly original and transform the fence into an absolute visual highlight.

Wrought iron garden fence

Picket fence in bright colors

The very popular and widespread picket fences are certainly part of the standard range of fences. As a rule, these are made up of wooden slats, which are rounded at the top. It only takes a little paint to make such a fence shine in an extraordinary light. If the picket fence is already in place, all you need is a little paint and varnish. If the fence still needs to be built, the hardware store offers the right material for it.

As soon as the construction of the fence has been completed, each individual slat can be given a different color, for example. The wooden slats can also be designed in the form of people, for example family members, in that the rounded, upper end serves as the head and the lower part as the body.

Once the slats have been painted and the colors are dry, the top coat can be sprayed or painted onto the slats. This ensures that the colorful fence is protected against the effects of the weather and is preserved for a particularly long time.

colorful picket fence

Creative forms

However, the picket fence can also be designed in other ways, for example by carving or sawing its ends into unusual shapes.

The slats should ideally be removed from the fence and draped on a table. The desired shape can then be pre-painted with a pen and then sawed out or carved. This is followed by the assembly of the wooden slats on the fence.

Collected branches as a DIY fence

In order to design a very special DIY fence, the local foresters should first be asked for permission to collect branches. Finally, there must be enough branches so that the desired length of the fence can be achieved. The height of the branches can be different – this makes the fence design even more varied and special.
After collecting the branches, they are placed on the ground at the desired distance. These must then be knocked into the ground with a rubber hammer so that there is sufficient stability. The branches can then be connected using a conventional wire. It is also possible to attach additional branches horizontally to the garden side of the fence using nails.

In the summer months, this fence variant can be optimally decorated with colorful pots and flowers.

diy garden fence made from branches

Natural fences through bushes and hedges

Rigid demarcations of your own property are not always necessary. Hedges and shrubs are a natural way of limiting. This has the advantage that the border looks much more colorful and natural.

For example, an evergreen hedge can be used – so privacy protection is provided all year round. However, a colorful and varied hedge looks even friendlier. For this, different bushes, grasses, perennials and shrubs can be planted next to each other.

green hedge garden fence Garden fence concrete fence

Garden fence gabions

modern garden fence gray

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