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Gardening and Landscaping: Make the land around the house beautiful

Gardening and Landscaping: Make the land around the house beautiful

Are you a happy owner of a large property around your house? But you do not know how to make this practical and beautiful? The good thing about the large outside area is that it offers enough space to combine all that you would want for an oasis of peace. So that you can create a harmonious garden layout and beautiful landscape, we have some tips for you.

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A good gardening and landscaping planning

To create a harmonious landscape design in your own garden, you should handle the planning responsibly. It is advisable to set and record the different areas on a sheet of paper. So it becomes clear where you want to have seating, pergola, trees, flowers and garden paths. The plot should also be divided into several zones:

  • The area around the house: Think in advance how to make the porch, whether with tiles, pavement, natural stone or wooden platform.
  • Fruits and vegetables zones: It is important here that these are distributed so that the plants do not disturb each other when growing.
  • Colorful flower gardenHere you should investigate exactly, because of your residential area, the specific climate and soil, which flowers and plants can be sown and cared for.
  • Recreation Zone: Here's the time to decide if you want a gazebo or a pergola, or maybe you'd rather have outdoor furniture in the open air.

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Get some help

Gardening and landscaping is no easy task. To get everything right and perfect, it's better to get professional help. At the company GPS D. Sturm GmbH you will find all kinds of gardening and landscaping help. This specializes in sustainability and functionality in the garden design and development of outdoor facilities. The company still offers green area maintenance, the implementation of stone and paving and fence construction. The company builds durable, cost-effective and guarantees high quality craftsmanship and reliability.

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The area around the house

Before you start with the garden design, first the environment around the entrance and the house should be designed. Avoid trees and tall growing plants in front of the house. A good solution here is to plant beautiful flowers and low bushes.

When setting up this area, you can build a canopy. Underneath, you can design a beautiful dining area, which gives you the opportunity to sit in the fresh air for a long time and enjoy your meal outdoors.

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Flower and orchard

The question of how to plant and design the garden, occupies every garden owner. In addition to flowers, you can plant fruit and ornamental trees. You will make the garden even more attractive if you put flowers in the bush between the trees. And in between, on the lawn, you can set up small relaxation corners, with two loungers and a small table for example.

Because of the enthusiasm to make the garden beautiful with flowers, one often neglects the design of the vegetable garden and this then usually does not harmonize with the other areas. So, make it fit and create a visual balance.

Even the small decorative elements choose carefully. Decorate everything fantastically beautiful and enjoy the outdoor area with all your senses through a perfect gardening and landscaping.

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