Give your own four walls a new look with trendy designer wallpapers

Give your own four walls a new look with trendy designer wallpapers

It is not for nothing that wallpapers are often called wall coverings. With different colors, patterns and textures, they create unique living spaces and ensure more comfort or a special wow effect. Trendy designer wallpapers go one better and give the ambience more personality and artistic identity. Creative wallpaper artists are always creating newer creations and setting the tone when it comes to wallpaper trends. You are also influenced by the current zeitgeist and are inspired by it. Thanks to innovative materials and printing techniques, modern wallpapers are actually much more than just wall covering. They serve as additional sound insulation and can even protect against harmful e-smog. High-quality wallpapers are not only multifunctional, they are also lightfast, dirt-resistant, fireproof, washable and extremely easy to care for.

You can find out from us today which are the most important wallpaper trends for 2021 and how you can use them in your interior. And don't forget: a trendy wallpaper of the highest quality and created exclusively by designers simply always pays off!

vintage trendy wallpaper

Botanical and floral patterns

Some trends are really long-running and are becoming more and more topical with every season. For example, floral and botanical patterns have been absolutely in for a long time and are preferred by many design lovers. Filigree flowers and tendrils as well as lush green palm and banana leaves will remain among the most popular wallpaper patterns in 2021. They calm the senses and provide more serenity. A touch of naturalness moves into your own home and creates, at least visually, to give us some freedom and security at the same time. With velvety or cuddly soft textiles in muted colors, you can create a trendy urban jungle flair in no time at all. Upholstered furniture or curtains in blue-green make your bedroom a lot quieter and warmer colors ensure an inviting living room full of joie de vivre and optimism.

trendy wallpaper Zohra

Retro chic rolled up again

Designer wallpapers with geometric patterns are a true homage to the iconic 60s and 70s. Also this year they appear in the popular patterns that make the heart of every retro fan beat faster. Flowing waves, even rhombuses, colorful circles or hexagons are reinterpreted and displayed in the latest trend colors. A zigzag in sage green and cream gives the living space more dynamism. With home accessories and furniture made of light wood as well as ceramics and textiles in neutral colors, a harmonious balance is ensured.

Zag umpteen trendy wallpaper

Retro can also be Scandinavian. Graphic patterns in pleasant pastel colors such as small triangles or squares are, for example, the ideal backdrop for a cozy home office. They radiate Nordic clarity and simplicity, but are playful enough to secure the necessary portion of creativity and motivation in addition to concentration.

trendy wallpaper Alice

Metallic shine and fantasy worlds

In times of digitization and technology that is becoming smarter and smarter, a lot is changing in this direction, including in design. Wallpaper is no exception. But on the contrary. Metal accents and shimmering surfaces can be seen more and more often on walls. Wallpaper designs in the typical technology colors chrome and anthracite are no longer uncommon and innovative effect foils ensure more three-dimensionality and optical illusions. Based on virtual reality, fantasy experiences are awakened even by wallpaper. Matching interior companions are minimalist furniture and shiny, straight vases or other chic home accessories.

Space Odyssey trendy wallpaper

Nature and fabric wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are still at the top of the list. However, other textures such as natural and fabric wallpapers are on the rise. The first are professionally made from bamboo, cork or mountain grass and give the rooms more originality. The second ones have a distinctive, depending on the fabric, slightly rough or soft feel that invites us to linger or cuddle. A natural wallpaper with a smooth reddish brown bamboo surface looks particularly good with a light sofa and decorative cushions in caramel. A subtle gold accent and a table lamp in an industrial look go well with it.

Thin Bamboo Strips trendy wallpaper

A textile wallpaper with a cotton feel in muted colors, on the other hand, is skillfully combined with pastel-colored, rough textiles. And a few fresh splashes of color in orange or yellow with decorative accessories or plants create colorful variety and lift the mood.

trendy wallpaper Constantin

Depending on the living space and your own preferences, you can choose the perfect wallpaper for yourself. Either you opt for the same style, the same patterns and textures for the whole apartment or you focus on variety. In this way, new living environments are created in every room. In order not to compromise on quality and exclusivity, you should rely on high-quality designer wallpapers. Because one thing is always certain: Your walls will become true works of art that offer you comfort, exceptionality and luxury.

trendy wallpaper Habakuk

trendy wallpaper Kassandra

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