Great multifunctional furniture for small apartments

Great multifunctional furniture for small apartments

Our colleagues from the online magazine recently put together a great list of multifunctional furniture. These are super modern and ideal for small apartments. That is why we are also happy to publish them here on our website.

The multifunctional furniture shown is also representative of many current trends. They have increasingly simple mechanisms that are suitable for continuous use. The design corresponds to the latest trends in furniture production. It shows clear lines, retro elements, and colors that are both lively and neutral.

Cortesi Home Savion Foldable Chair

Multifunctional furniture Cortesi Savion folding chair bed

Cortesi foldable sofa bed

Chic and comfortable, this sofa can be easily and easily folded down to become a sofa bed. It becomes a comfortable bed. In both forms it shows beautiful aesthetics and an appealing look.

The light blue color and the simple design are very popular this year. At the same time, they have a universal character and will probably not lose their relevance in the context of the next trends.

Vegetal coffee table horizontal tray multifunctional furniture

vegetale multifunctional table

Convertible coffee table from Vegetale

The construction of this coffee table by Vegetale looks very simple. It could be transformed in different ways. It also doubles as a work table, bookcase and dining room table.

The two trays can be used separately or at the same time. In the living room shown, the table unfolds its full potential. The different heights of the two trays provide plenty of space for their use. At the same time, the table acts as a central piece in the room, thanks to its trendy design and interesting structure.

Daniel Pearlman multifunctional furniture convertible coffee table

Coffee table with integrated armchair and side table

Do you live in a one-room apartment? Then you have probably already had the choice between investing in several small tables or using a larger one that you can use for different purposes. With this model you have everything in one. It can be used in different ways. Depending on the case, you have a larger table at which several people can sit or only a small one that serves as a desk or for drinking coffee. You can also use the integrated sofa or hide it comfortably.

cabinet behind the mirror multifunctional furniture

mirror with a different function mirror and cabinet

Compact and universal cabinet from Duty Box

If you are looking for a multifunctional closet, you might be hard pressed to find something better than this duty box model. The aesthetics appear simple, but at the same time somehow super modern.

With this duty box, many small items can be conveniently stowed in the hallway, in the living room or in any other room. The design is very universal and inscribes itself well into different styles.

magic table and trays

Likes table

Mag Table is the name of the other piece of furniture, which looks multifunctional and at the same time super simple and elegant. You can place your laptop or any other object on it. On the side you have comfortable storage space in which you can stow books or documents.

Depending on how exactly you position the table, you have a shelf at different heights.

mirror with ironing board

mirror before ironing board

A table that doubles as a mirror

Dining room tables are something that you cannot do without in a small apartment. But they take up so much space. Of course, this does not apply to the case when the table can be folded down. In this specific case it can also serve as a mirror.

This idea is also perfect for the small one-room apartments in which you occasionally need a dining or work table.

multifunctional furniture-side table-coffee table

multifunctional-furniture-before-side-table-now-work table

HUK table

Also an ingenious simple design. You can use this table for an incredible number of different purposes: It is suitable as storage space for magazines, as a bookshelf and stool. Can you think of any other possible functions?

Similar to the Mag Table shown above, it can be positioned in different ways. Depending on the case, the user has different levels of storage space and new storage space. So he can decide for himself what is best for his needs.


An extra for the armrest of the sofa

Do you like to work from the sofa? Or would you prefer to have your coffee there? Instead of filling the limited floor space with side tables, the armrests of the sofa could be used functionally. Here we see an example of how well this can work.

You can integrate such an extra on the armrest – it serves you successfully as a tray or as another additional device. You can put your coffee cup, cell phone and much more on it.



Drop Leaf foldable console table

Here we see the modern take on a very traditional design. Foldable tables are not new. The question is, how do you design one so that it is practical in all forms.

The Drop Leaf console table is the ideal storage space when the side wings are closed. When extended, it is enough for almost 6 people and you can sit down with friends for a great dinner.

three-part table multifunctional furniture

three-part table now a shelf

A table made up of three modules

These three tables together can make up a construction. They are suitable as a storage space or great shelf unit. At the same time, they can be used individually as side tables. And in all cases they are a wonderful accent piece in the room.

Both the tables and the shelf are ideal for various modern interior designs. They would be particularly suitable for a Scandinavian style apartment.

bed before sofa multifunctional furniture

Gold Sparrow sofa bed multifunctional furniture

Gold Sparrow multifunctional furniture

Westminster sofa bed

This sofa shows a super elegant, classic design and the perfect dimensions for a small room. It is wonderfully suitable for the narrow apartment or as an additional sleeping area for guests.

The dark blue color is always current. In this modern interior design it looks a bit retro and the room gets an original eclectic look.

ironing board mirror

Ironing board and mirror in one

Mirrors are clearly needed in small apartments, but rarely do you have a really suitable place for them. There is still a good solution to this situation: this ironing board also works wonderfully as a mirror. The great thing about this is that you don’t need any storage space for it. You can position the ironing board or mirror anywhere in the middle of the room.

All of the ideas presented here are great role models that can also serve as a basis for realizing your own DIY projects. It would also be possible to order pieces with similar functionality online or to find pieces produced by other manufacturers on the market.

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