Handicrafts with foam rubber – discover the exciting potential of this material

Handicrafts with foam rubber – discover the exciting potential of this material

Tinkering with foam rubber is a simple matter for creative activities with children. Basically, you follow the principles of DIY ideas with paper. But by using this particular material, you get more impressive results. Among other things, you can achieve a visual 3D character with such craft figures. The texture looks more elegant and is therefore used more widely and purely for decorative purposes. Below you will find three very simple instructions and many more craft ideas in the form of pictures. All of these can be copied fairly easily with a little skill.

Make decoration for flat surfaces according to different themes

make foam rubber (13)

Three simple instructions for crafting with foam rubber

For the simple craft ideas with foam rubber you will need more or less the same materials. We would therefore like to list these in advance.


  • Cutting templates for the motifs on the desired topic,
  • A craft scissors,
  • Craft glue,
  • Fixed sheets of paper (optional on some of the projects).

There are foam rubber sheets in different colors and also with glitter!

Make foam rubber - different colors

3 D decoration ideas for the decoration of flat surfaces

Choose an interesting topic for this guide. Themes with different plants, trees and other nature motifs are very popular for handicrafts with children. But of course you could also create a completely different picture. For example, our examples include various animals. A great decorative landscape picture could also be put together according to the same principle. You can make such decorations for flat surfaces together with your children on different occasions such as Easter or Christmas.


There are two main options for these instructions. You could attach the desired motifs or the tinkered theme to one or more sheets of paper. Then you could lean it against it somewhere. It looks great when you put the decoration directly on the wall or any other smooth surface.

First cut out the desired motifs using the cutting pattern from the foam rubber sheets. They belong to different layers within your image. Depending on the complexity, there could only be two or more different levels. Think of a smiling sun! First comes the round yellow shape with the zigzag patterns on the edge. This is followed by the eyes and the smile. With the help of the craft glue you attach them one by one to the flat surface. Do this with each additional one after the previous one is already glued in place.

Hair accessories with foam rubber – the end results can be so elegant and fun

Make hair clip great with a foam rubber

Jewelry for the common hair clip

Are you fans of the unusual headdress? Would you like to decorate your great hair clips yourself? You could make these with the help of foam rubber. The result will likely be cheaper and more original. In our case, you could use the foam rubber sheets with glitter. Again, you could use different cutting patterns as a base. You could then use your fingers to give it various curved shapes. So attach them to the hair clips with a strong adhesive.

Flower decorations and bouquets made of foam rubber are ideal for various occasions

Make foam rubber - great white flower

Make flowers and bouquets with foam rubber

Tinkering with foam rubber could also have a practical character. If you don’t want to buy real flowers and use them to make bouquets, this material may be helpful. Find a picture or a real flower of the type you want. This should serve as a model for you. Separate the various components – flower, pestle, anthers, stick, leaves and all other details.

Cut out all of these with the help of templates. You can download these from the Internet or use real plant parts as samples. Of course, in this case you could get creative with the colors. Shape the flowers with your fingers so that you can get the curved shape you want.

What do you think of such an Easter decoration idea made of foam rubber?

little birds - make foam rubber

The variety of possibilities for handicrafts with foam rubber is really wide

These three instructions show how easy crafting with foam rubber can actually be. The easy malleability and the great texture lead to wonderful results that serve as wonderful decoration or gift ideas. You can also use it to make very practical objects, among other things. In addition to the headdress, which has already been mentioned, you could make various cups for storing crayons or other small objects yourself. Discover several fabulous possibilities through the following pictorial examples!

You can add such tartlets to the children’s birthday decorations

Tinker cake idea foam rubber

Foam rubber wall decorations for Easter could also look like this

Making foam rubber - ideas for easter eggs

You can make such cute baskets and other objects for the children yourself

Make foam rubber - basket ideas

You could also make tinkering with foam rubber an amusing child’s game
Make foam rubber - a great snake

The garland of foam rubber figures would be a great idea for children’s party decorations

make foam rubber (14)

With a little more time and effort, you can make such great flower decorations for your home yourself

make foam rubber (15)

These simple trees made of foam rubber are ideal for vintage decoration

Making foam rubber - various great ideas

The decoration could complement your summer party well!

great green blue ideas - tinker foam rubber

Among other things, such great toys can be made from foam rubber
Crafts with foam rubber - decoration of various objects

That would be a suitable decoration idea for the wall next to the children’s desk

Handicrafts with foam rubber - a great mural

Are you looking for fun storage space for your home office?

Tinkering with foam rubber storage box

As you can see, you can also make door decorations out of foam rubber

Wreath - great ideas - handicrafts with foam rubber

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