Hanging indoor plants ensure freshness and dynamism in the interior design

Hanging indoor plants ensure freshness and dynamism in the interior design

Indoor plants give the room a special charm. But sometimes you get fed up with the usual indoor plants, which is why we are focusing our attention today on the hanging plants. Plants with hanging shoots are always a real eye-catcher. In a tall pot, as a beautiful wall decoration or in hanging baskets, these always come to the fore and attract everyone’s attention. Plants with hanging leaves and tendrils give you the great opportunity to make something special out of any interior. Because they have something specific about them and fascinate with their own charm. In the following we briefly introduce you to some hanging houseplants that can turn your home into a green oasis.

Hanging houseplants are perfect for a modern interior design

hanging houseplants living room decorate ideas

Hanging house plants – the ornamental asparagus

The ornamental asparagus is a very easy to care for houseplant that is one of the ornamental foliage plants. So this is also suitable as a hanging plant for people who do not have a green thumb. The ornamental asparagus has very finely fanned leaves and rarely forms small white flowers that turn into great red berries. But these are poisonous, which is why you should be particularly careful! The ornamental asparagus has an extremely decorative value, which is why its leaves are used as green for bouquets. It is best to water the ornamental asparagus daily.

The ornamental asparagus is particularly characterized by its leaves

hanging house plants Asparagus densiflorus ornamental asparagus

String of pearls, still called the pea plant

The special appearance of this plant amazes everyone. The leaves of the string of pearls are round and can be confused with peas. This is where the other name of the string of pearls comes from – the pea plant. These extraordinary leaves also have a particularly practical function: They store water. This makes the string of pearls an extremely easy-care hanging plant. Their tendrils can reach down to the ground, which actually creates a real sensation!

String of pearls and pea plant are both names from an unusual hanging plant

hanging house plants pea plant hanging basket Senecio rowleyanus

Candlestick flower

The chandelier flower must be placed in a bright place. This is an undemanding evergreen hanging plant that has succulent properties. Your tuberous rhizome becomes stronger and stronger over the years. It has long, filigree shoots that can be up to 100 cm long. With its heart-shaped, marbled leaves, the candlestick flower is one of the most beautiful hanging plants for the home.

The candlestick flower cannot be confused because of its unusual leaves

hanging house plants Ceropegia fancy leaves

Shame flower

The pubic flower is one of the most beautiful hanging plants ever. It has fleshy leaves and drooping, tubular flowers. In order to enjoy the extravagant flowers of the pubic flower, you have to take proper care of the plant. Flower formation occurs in winter and depends on how you water the plant all year long. The plant needs little water at temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C. In winter, on the other hand, the plant can stay almost dry for four to five weeks. This dry season actually makes the flower formation possible. The pubic flower has to be fertilized every two to three weeks from March to August.

The shame flower brings a can of exoticism into your home

hanging house plants pubic flower Aeschynanthus

Dwarf pepper

The dwarf pepper, still called fleshy peperomy, is an evergreen plant that likes bright locations. The home of the dwarf pepper is Central and South America. The substrate of the fleshy peperomy should always be kept slightly moist. The dwarf pepper is a perennial with slightly fleshy leaves. The shape of the leaves varies from ovoid to elliptical. Hidden between the leaves of the fleshy peperomia are its flowers, which are very small and colored in pale green or yellow-white.

The dwarf pepper is a decoration for every room

hanging house plants Peperomia fresh decorating ideas

Well, we hope the hanging plants mentioned above have piqued your interest. Maybe you would buy one or more of these for your own home! If you still need more inspiration, check out the exciting picture gallery that will follow soon! Hopefully you will find inspiration for an original interior design with lots of green!

Richly decorated with hanging houseplants, the home resembles a real indoor jungle

hanging house plants green lily

The Efeutute is a real classic among all hanging plants

hanging houseplants efeutute hanging basket

Most hanging houseplants have a unique look

hanging house plants Aeschynanthus beautiful decoration ideas

The climbing philodendron is particularly popular as a green home decoration

hanging house plants philodendron stylish decoration for the home

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hanging house plants for the home Ceropegia

hanging houseplants decorate modern living room

hanging house plants peperomie Peperomia obtusifolia

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hanging house plants are great highlights of Aeschynanthus

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hanging house plants candlestick flower Ceropegia

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