Hanging photos and decorating rooms – ideas for more individuality in interior design

Hanging photos and decorating rooms – ideas for more individuality in interior design

Capture and immortalize the right moment! This is the eternal pursuit of man, which encourages us all to take a huge number of photos every day. To bring back great experiences later with family and friends is the reason why you flood your profile in the social media with photos. Of course there are also people who prefer to collect their photos in albums. Especially today, when the cell phones can take high quality photos, the desire to take more and more photos is unstoppable. Unfortunately, these pictures will be forgotten at some point … For this reason we want to help you with some cool tips on how to bring your favorite photos to life. The secret: hang up photos and give rooms an individual touch.

Save the photos from oblivion!

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Properly stage family pictures on the wall

Whenever you decorate a room, think of a beautiful wall design! Because that guarantees a nice overall picture of the room. Do you attach particular importance to attractive and atypical wall decoration? Then your favorite photos will be of great help. The wall decoration with photos gives you a huge number of possibilities to spice up the room.

If you are planning a wall decoration with photos, consider well in advance what kind of atmosphere you will create with it. So it depends on the arrangement in which you put the photos on the wall. The location where you will display the family pictures should also be determined in advance. You could choose a special wall so that it turns into a great accent wall that is eye-catching.

Decorate rooms with photos

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You could then just hang up the photos or put them in a frame. If you choose the same frames for all photos, let the wall decoration appear uniform. Otherwise the wall would look a little livelier. Old frames and modern pictures create a nice contrast and thus a wonderful accent wall. You should also frame photos that are very important to you, as this will protect them for a long time.

A casual arrangement of the photos at first glance could give the room more cosiness

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Hang up photos – ideas for a fancy room decoration

When an important event is about to happen, one is simply gripped by a strong desire to take a myriad of photos. A wedding, the birth of a baby or simply spending time with the family are always a reason to immortalize every moment. The event is over and you now have some wonderful photos. Just flaunt these! Preferably on the wall.

Do you attach great importance to order and symmetry?

hang up photos make your own photo wall create accent wall

An important point to consider then is how many photos do you want to put on the wall? Be it a group of photos, you can choose from numerous options as to how you position them. Are you hanging up the photos in a nice mess? Or do you prefer to arrange them in a line so that order and symmetry dominate the room? In the first case you ensure more dynamism in the ambience and in the second for harmony.

Make photo wall yourself and put a lively wall design into action

hang photos family photos make photo wall yourself

A great approach is to hang photos in a shape on the wall. Put your imagination into play and create shapes and designs that turn into cool eye-catchers.

In fact, you can hang anything you would like to see on the wall. This means that family photos can also be combined with pictures, postcards, magazine pages or even children's drawings. You can showcase just one favorite photo. Think about it, where would this look best?

Combine photos of different sizes skillfully

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There are a few variations on how you mount the photos and pictures on the wall. With a nail or with tape. You can also drag your photos onto a piece of wire or rope. If the photos are too many, you will need to position several wires and ropes one below the other.

In the end we want to draw your attention to a modern alternative to the traditional photo wall. Instead of using the wall as a background for your DIY project, you could use a wooden panel or pallet for this purpose. This is a great advantage: you can always redecorate it quickly and easily if you want.

Make a modern photo wall yourself

hang photos photo board tinker decorate room

So arrange your favorite photos in a creative way and create an individual room in this way.

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