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Hello Autumn! first autumn decoration for outside

I like the fall! Yes, honestly … Even as a self-confessed summer fan, I have to admit that even autumn has its own special magic … The rich colors of leaves and fruits, the rustling foliage and the warm Indian summer days when the light is so special, soft and soft , But above all I like the autumn "deco technically", because with the autumn one can decorate incredibly great. "With the fall?", You may ask yourself now … "Yes, with the autumn!" Because at no other time of year does nature itself provide more deco treasures than now. This harmonizes perfectly with our red Sweden house and the Scandinavian country house style. So we start with the outdoor area and conjure up a great autumn decoration for outdoors.

A look into the garden and it can not be denied, autumn knocks very softly on the door. And that's why I made this week for the first autumn decoration for outdoor and already decorated my white garden bench in the front yard autumnal. That's where I usually start when I decorate the property seasonally, because a beautifully decorated entrance is very important to me, as it's the first thing you see from the house.

For all who itches already in the fingers and wants to do the same to me, there are my tips, how you with a few simple steps and with nature as a decorative object an atmospheric autumn decoration on your garden bench / your windowsill / or your table can conjure up. Including a quick and easy DIY idea.

You need the following materials for your outdoor autumn decoration:

  1. Natural materials such as moss, branches, physalis, cones, acorns and chestnuts from the garden or forest or great potpourris from DEPOT
  2. Decorative mushrooms made of wood
  3. Pumpkins made of gray dolomite and as Streudeko
  4. Candles of different sizes
  5. Autumn wreaths self-bound or purchased, e.g. Blueberry wreaths
  6. Lantern, lantern and metal tray
  7. Tray for hanging
  8. Chrysanthemums or other autumn flowers
  9. Skins, blankets or pillows

DIY Instructions "Filled Lantern / Lantern"

The centerpieces of the decorated bench are a glass lantern and a lantern that I have just misused. Why put in just one candle, I thought to myself, and just filled both with natural materials. Branches, acorns, cones, chestnuts, pumpkins, autumn leaves or a beautiful branch of bright orange physalis. Anything that pleases is allowed.

DIY Instructions Dekotablett

Another eye-catcher of my autumn bank is a Dekotablett whose floor I have initially laid out with moss from the garden. On the soft moss bed then found two mushrooms made of wood and a pumpkin in concrete optic place, as well as acorns and small mushrooms.

And now a few tips for the trappings …

Since the bench is well protected under the roof overhang, I always like to decorate it with cuddly skins and blankets that conjure up a cozy atmosphere especially in the autumn time.

Chrysanthemums may be missing in the garden of the red Sweden house in any autumn decoration. Its flowers set bright color accents on both sides of the garden bench and bloom tirelessly until the first frost. Even in a variety with very small flowers they repeat themselves on the bench. As a flower pot for an old, rusty zinc bucket, which gives this autumn plant a nostalgic charm and the autumnal arrangement even more rural character.

Finally, I picked up on this country house charm with the wooden tray, which completes the decorative corner on the iron hook above the bench in the most beautiful way. For the fall I just decorated it quite simply with a blueberry wreath and a candle. It was love at first sight, because this tray is a true deco all-rounder, which can be attractively set in every season in no time at all.

Has not she become beautiful, my first fall decoration outdoors? Every now and then, I am delighted with my autumn-decorated bench, because it is the first one that my eyes fall upon when I return home. I hope I was able to inspire you a bit with this decoration idea.

It was important to me with all decorative objects that they look natural. Because natural materials make a home a real home for me.

All the best and see you next time,

Your Felicia from imrotenschwedenhaus


Hey, my name is Felicia and I live in a Swedish cottage in the countryside with my husband and our three little robbers. I love to photograph and decorate, to be creative with flowers or to work in my garden.

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