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How can you clean silver jewelry? – These are the best home remedies for it

How can you clean silver jewelry? – These are the best home remedies for it

Silver is a versatile metal with a beautiful and soft shine and is perfect for elegant jewelry and accessories. Unfortunately, silver is quite sensitive compared to many other metals and can get started quickly and get black spots. Furthermore, it can be a little intimidating to clean silver jewelry because it is so sensitive. However, you do not have to be a professional or use expensive tools to clean your silver jewelry.

How can you clean your silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry cleanse home remedy jewelry silver cleaning

It's not hard to guess why silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry. Its beautiful shine and versatility give the precious metal a special character. Nevertheless, many of us neglect all the beautiful silver pieces in jewelry boxes and they quickly lose their shine. So silver has a negative trait – it runs fast. This happens when oxygen or sulfur comes in contact with silver. Then they combine chemically with its surface and make the silver look dirty or discolored.

What kind of metal is silver?

Clean silver jewelry Use home remedies

Fortunately, you can clean silver jewelry easily and quickly with simple home remedies. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with a few facts about silver and follow the tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning silver jewelry. With this ultimate guide you will be ready to carry your fabulous silver jewelry back in all its glory!

Enjoy the shine of your silver jewelry!

Clean silver jewelery Home remedies Make silver cleansing yourself

Silver jewelry should be stored properly

Clean silver jewelry home remedies store jewelry make silver cleaning yourself

Facts about Sterling Silver (Silver 925)

If you know a few technical terms, you will better understand the physical properties of your silver jewelry and then you will know better how to maintain it. The purity of the metal determines how flexible and soft the silver is and how fast it will start.

Sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy metal, usually copper, and is much harder than fine silver (silver 999) due to the copper content and is traditionally used for the production of silver jewelery and silver cutlery.

Silver jewelry is made of sterling silver

Silver jewelry clean home remedies jewelry silver rings Silver jewelry purify home remedies jewelry silver cleaning silver rings

Clean silver jewelry – tips

If you wear your silver jewelry often, then this will not start. The oils in your skin "cleanse" the silver and make it look shiny.

However, contact with household chemicals, sweat, gum, chlorinated water, or sulfur-containing substances (e.g., mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, latex, wool) is counteracting and the silver is rapidly absorbed. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear silver jewelry at the housework. Direct sunlight also causes the silver to tarnish, so remove your silver jewelry before swimming and sunbathing. Cosmetics, hair products and perfumes are also "enemies" of silver.

Maintain your silver jewelry properly

Silver jewelry cleanse home remedies jewelry polish

Maintain silver jewelry well

You can polish silver jewelry if it has not tarnished too much. Polishing is the best method for cleaning oxidized silver. Silver is soft and can easily be scratched. That's why you should use a special silver care cloth best. A lint-free flannel, microfiber or other soft and non-abrasive cloth is also sufficient. Do not use paper towels or handkerchiefs to polish your jewelry because they contain fibers that can scratch the silver. And be careful with silvered items as excessive polishing can remove the coating.

Please do not forget the polishing!

Clean silver jewelry home remedy jewelry cleaning cloth make silver cleaning yourselfSilver jewelry clean house remedy silver cleaning cloth

If your silver jewelry has started running fast and you do not have the time to clean it, bring it to a professional silver cleaner. Very old, fragile or precious jewelry should also be cleaned by a professional.

Clean silver jewelry with home remedies

If polishing with a silver cleaning cloth is not enough, you can make your own environmentally friendly silver cleaner. All you need is ingredients from your kitchen.

After using any cleanser, rinse your silver jewelry thoroughly with running water or a clean, damp cloth. This is especially important for detailed or etched parts. Then dry the parts with a microfiber cloth to prevent water stains from forming.

Make silver cleaning from home remedies yourself

Clean Silver Jewelry Home Remedy Silver Jewelry Make Silver Cleaning yourself

How can you clean silver jewelry

Soap and water

Warm water and a mild, ammonia and phosphate free dishwasher soap should be your "first aid". Use soap and water before using any of the methods listed below.

Clean silver jewelry with soap and water

Clean silver jewelry home remedy jewelry make silver cleaning yourself water and soap

The result

Silver jewelry clean home remedies jewelry silver necklace

Baking soda and water

You can quickly mix a paste of soda and water. And then apply a little of it on the silver jewelry and polish it with a clean cloth. For etched, stamped, or detailed objects, dilute the paste with a little more water, using a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse the silver jewelry under running warm water for a few minutes and dry it with a dry cloth.

A mixture of baking soda and water is also used as silver cleaning

Silver jewelry cleanse home remedy silver cleaning yourself make soda and waterClean silver jewelry home remedies jewelry silver ring clean

Olive oil and lemon juice

Mix half a cup of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and wring it out so it does not drip, then polish the silver. Finally, rinse the silver jewelry and dry it.

With olive oil and lemon juice, you can also clean your silver jewelry

Clean silver jewelry home remedies jewelry silver cleaning lemon juice olive oilSilver jewelry cleanse home remedy jewelry difference

White vinegar and baking soda

Use this gentle cleaner to clean heavily tarnished silver jewelry. Make a solution of half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of soda and let the silver soak for two to three hours. Then you can rinse it off and dry it.

These ingredients also prove to be silver cleansers

Silver jewelry cleanse home remedy jewelry silver cleaning yourself make Natron VinegarSilver jewelry cleanse home remedy jewelry silver cleaning difference

Baking soda, salt, aluminum foil and boiling water

You can use a simple chemical reaction to clean your silver jewelery: all you need is soda, salt and aluminum foil. Lay out a frying pan with aluminum foil (matte side down). Place the pieces of silver on the aluminum foil. Then pour boiling water over the pieces until they are covered, adding 2 tablespoons of baking powder and salt each. Stir the solution over so that the soda dissolves. Remove the silver jewelry from the hot water with a salad tongs and rinse with clear water, then dry and polish with a soft cloth. Voila! Your silver jewelery shines like brand new again.

Mix several ingredients and enjoy an excellent result

Silver jewelry cleanse home remedy jewelry silver cleaning with soda

Silver jewelry clean home remedy jewelry silver cleaning aluminum foil

Add hot water

Clean silver jewelry home remedy jewelry make silver cleaning yourself

You can also clean silver cutlery

Clean silver jewelry home remedy silver cutlery make silver cleaning yourself

If your pieces of silver are very stubborn, you can use these treatments one after another to make them look shiny again.

Well maintained silver jewelry can give you many years of joy and pleasure and even serve as a family heritage. And of course, silver is valuable. So do not wait until the silver jewelry starts running strong and wear your silver treasures. So you give your jewelry a new life!

Bring your silver jewelry to shine!

Silver jewelry purify household remedy jewelry tarnished silver jewelry

Clean silver jewelery Use home remedies Make silver cleansing yourself

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