How the geometric wallpaper brings the room to a new dimension

How the geometric wallpaper brings the room to a new dimension

Geometric patterns, shapes and figures are fascinating in a peculiar way. In the interior design, these create a sense of order and structure. They are actually a hot trend in modern wall design. The geometric wallpaper brings a modern flair to the room. If you are looking for the right wallpaper for your home, be sure to consider geometric wallpaper. Because the wall wallpapers with geometric patterns are strikingly beautiful and particularly versatile.

Every geometric wallpaper is a great eye-catcher

geometric wallpaper mural wallpaper living room gray shades

The geometric wallpaper can create a different feeling of living

Even if it cannot be seen at first glance, geometric wallpapers come in numerous styles. So they offer something for every taste. In vintage, ethnic or Scandinavian style, geometric and graphic patterns are wonderful highlights for interior design. A retro wallpaper also gives you new design options to create a beautiful wall design. Depending on the respective facility, you choose a suitable design in the right color palette. An original interior is guaranteed.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns and three-dimensional motifs give you endless possibilities when it comes to wall design. Classic and linear designs ensure serenity and calm in the interior design. With graphic motifs, on the other hand, you structure the room in a stylish way. By choosing a 3D wallpaper or a wall wallpaper with a special depth look, you can make the room appear larger. And triangles, diamonds and squares in the Scandinavian style create a relaxed atmosphere. Geometric patterns match both sophisticated interior designs and harmonious interiors. In addition, you can not only design the living room and bedroom with these, but also hallways, offices and business premises.

Abstract patterns are great for decorating the bedroom wall

geometric wallpaper modern bedroom fresh colors

How do you create a cozy room with geometric wallpaper?

Graphic and geometric patterns immediately catch the eye. It is therefore advisable to cover a single wall with it. This is certainly a highlight in the room. The other walls are best left one color. A good approach is to combine the geometric wallpaper with plain wallpapers. If you still want to decorate several walls with such patterns and motifs, you should pay attention to a harmonious whole.

Wallpapers with a geometric pattern have established themselves as timeless classics. These wall wallpapers leave nothing to be desired. By decorating the walls with geometric wallpaper, you can achieve a unique living style. Color intensity and light resistance are characteristic of the modern graphic and geometric wall wallpapers. Thanks to these properties, they make any room come alive. They result in beautiful compositions and patterns that can also be abstract. Geometric wallpapers also offer subtle optical illusions. Rhombuses, triangles, squares, honeycombs, circles and bubbles … What would you choose?

3D wall wallpaper brings the sleeping area to a higher level

geometric wallpaper modern bedroom 3d wall wallpaper

Abstract and colorful, in keeping with the bedroom decor

geometric wallpaper fancy bedroom wallpaper

When choosing a graphic or geometric mural wallpaper for your own four walls, you should not only pay attention to the design. The material also plays a decisive role. The carrier is responsible for the adhesion and affixing of the wallpaper to the wall. On the other hand, the surface is important for the appearance and maintenance. You have to choose between non-woven and paper wallpapers for the geometric wallpapers. The first are sturdy and durable, while the second are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. When it comes to the surface of the wallpaper, the vinyl and textured wallpapers are the usual variants.

So did you get inspiration for your own wall design from the geometric wall papers? Collect even more ideas from the following picture gallery and create walls to be admired!

Noble wall design for a luxurious bedroom

geometric wallpaper bedroom shades of brown

A rich color palette on the wall creates a fresh look

geometric wallpaper modern bedroom decor

Set great accents in the room with a geometric mural

geometric wallpaper living room decor accent wall ideas

You can also create a cozy ambience with geometric patterns

geometric wallpaper mural wallpaper bedroom neutral color design

Combine the wallpaper design and bed linen in the same color nuances

geometric wallpaper mural wallpaper bedroom soft pastel colors

Geometric wall papers really come into their own in the children’s room

geometric wallpaper kids room modern wall design

A beautiful retro accent wall sets the living room furniture in scene

geometric wallpaper classic pattern retro style

The retro wall wallpaper with a geometric pattern is a modern alternative for wall design in the living area

geometric wallpaper retro look chic wall design

The geometric patterns also look cool in the bathroom


fresh geometric wallpaper bathroom walls

A retro pattern can wonderfully refresh the ambience

geometric wallpaper graphic pattern

A bright design for the youth room

geometric wallpaper children's room design neutral wall design

The retro wallpaper accentuates the living room furniture in a stylish way

geometric wallpaper circles fresh wall design ideas

Design a retro bedroom with the appropriate wall covering

geometric wallpaper modern bedroom vintage elements

Combine retro wallpaper and vintage furniture

geometric wallpaper retro style elegant wall design

A classic retro wallpaper creates a fresh atmosphere in the bedroom

geometric wallpaper bedroom walls ideas retro mural wallpaper

Emphasize the geometric wallpaper with plants

geometric wallpaper mural wallpaper living room fresh colors

geometric wallpaper colored accent wall modern living area

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