How to make a garland to bring more mood and color to any festival

How to make a garland to bring more mood and color to any festival

February and March are two months full of festivities, so today we have prepared something exciting for the craft fans among you. Our post is about how to make a beautiful garland. Garlands in general are great decorations for every occasion. Both the Mardi Gras party at home and the Day of Love and other personal celebrations are given a fun and colorful touch by the decorative garlands. The nursery itself gets a fresh look with a few self-made garlands. So stay with us and get inspired for your great DIY garlands!

Making garlands made easy

tinker garland crepe paper tinker colored paper garland

The classic chain garland reinterpreted

tinker garland classic chain garland colored paper


Make garland out of paper

With the help of colored paper and a cotton cord, you can make any kind of garland without much effort. A wonderful Valentine’s Day garland made of paper, for example, is particularly topical at the moment. Cut out a few hearts of the same shape and size out of paper. The number of hearts depends on how long your garland will be. Then stretch a string where the garland needs to be. Next, stick all the hearts to the string with tape. You should make sure that the distance between the hearts is always the same so that the garland appears symmetrical. You could also easily sew the paper hearts onto the string.

Of course, a variety of garlands can be tinkered according to the same principle. You could also realize this easy DIY idea with your children. Who doesn’t have fun making beautiful decorations themselves?

Romantic decoration idea for Valentine’s Day

tinker garland valentine's day hearts

Make colored party decorations out of paper yourself

tinker garland make colorful paper garland yourself

Make a tassel garland out of napkins

The tassel or tassel garland, on the other hand, is a little more elaborate. What do you need:

  • Serwietten
  • Shear
  • scissors
  • Tape or curling tape

Stylish decorating idea made of colored paper

handicraft garland napkins garland creative handicraft ideas

  1. Unfold the napkin with the printed side down.
  2. Next, fold the napkin in half and crease a stitch at the top.
  3. Cut in the bottom edge completely.
  4. Open the napkin again and cut it in two. Each part should have an uncut section in the middle that has fringes at the top and bottom.
  5. Now start rolling each part of the napkin from one end to the other.
  6. Now you have to twist the napkin tightly and fold it in the middle so that you make a loop.
  7. Fix the napkin with adhesive tape or curling tape and the tassel for the garland is ready.
  8. Do this a few more times depending on how many tassels you need.
  9. At the end, pull the string through the loops and that’s it!

The same beautiful tassel garland can be made out of fabric!

tinker garland tassel garland make your own colorful napkins

tinker garland tassels garland beautiful home decoration

tinker garland tassel garland create a tassel

tinker garland cool tinker ideas napkins

Make a felt garland

Felt is a very suitable material for an original decorative garland. For example, you can easily make a felt ball garland yourself. You don’t need a lot of materials for this purpose. All you need is felt balls or balls of wool, embroidery floss and a needle. Depending on how long the garland should be, you determine how many balls you need. Of course, it makes a difference whether you arrange the balls close together or create them with a small gap. So these are things that you need to consider beforehand. Otherwise the handicraft work with the felt ball garland is child’s play.

First, arrange the felt balls in the order in which they should hang on the finished garland. Pierce the balls one by one with the nail. It is better if you double the embroidery floss to make it easier for the needle to go through the felt balls. If you want, leave some space between the felt balls. Your garland is already ready!

Make colorful garlands and create fresh party decorations

Tinker garland colored garland felt balls

Conclusion: Garlands are a fresh party decoration that creates a festive mood in no time. In addition, the decorative garlands are usually very easy to make. You don’t need to be a professional to create a beautiful paper or felt garland. The DIY ideas for a fresh garland are even a wonderful activity for children.

So which idea did you like the most? Hopefully we have inspired you to make adorable home decorations yourself!

Garlands of leaves are perfect highlights in the spring decoration at home

make garland fresh ideas leaf garland

Colored napkin garland creates a cheerful mood

make garland diy decoration garland napkins

Creative handicraft ideas for the colorful home decoration

Tinker garland make your own felt garland

Make a beautiful origami garland

garland tinker hearts pastel colors easy diy ideas

The crepe paper garland always makes a great impression

craft garland decoration garland crepe paper

Make a pennant chain with the children and have a lot of fun

tinker garland felt garland tinker yourself colored party decoration ideas

Green chain garlands create a festive mood

tinker garland make chain garland yourself

garland tinker fabric colored garland party decoration ideas

tinker garland make heart garland yourself

tinker garland valentine's day decoration heart message

tinker garland valentine's day decoration heart garland

tinker garland napkins qasten garland

tinker garland tassel garland tinker fabric

Make garland tassels garland fabric yourself

tinker garland tassel garland creative craft ideas

tinker garland tassel garland fabric make beautiful decoration yourself

tinker garland tassel garland tinker yourself

Making garland tassels garland making fabric made easy

tinker garland tassels create garland tassel

tinker garland tassel garland napkins

tinker garland tassel garland fabric

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