Increase productivity – How to work efficiently and undisturbed at home

Increase productivity – How to work efficiently and undisturbed at home

The corona pandemic has ensured that numerous companies enable their employees to do their work in the home office. What sounds like less stress at first, can be a challenge especially when a whole family lives at home and children are demanding their rights. This article shows you how you can go about your work as undisturbed as possible, be productive and at the same time promote your health.

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Create your own room for the home office

Admittedly, not everyone has a room in their apartment where they can retreat to work. With a little moving furniture and the purchase of suitable, ergonomic office furniture, for example, the bedroom or part of the living room can be transformed into a home office. There are desks and office chairs at specialist dealers for office furniture, which can be used to create a workplace where you can be productive, even when there is little space.

With a height-adjustable desk and a chair with an ergonomically shaped seat and backrest, you can improve your posture while you work. In this way you avoid tension and thus back pain and headaches in the home office, which increases your productivity over the long term.

So that you can be permanently productive in your home office, you should set up your home workstation in such a way that it can actually be recognized as such. Therefore, eliminate everything that does not belong to a workplace. It must be clear to you, too, that from now on this is your office, in which you really only work professionally.

So that you can work undisturbed in the living room, it can make sense to use room dividers that separate the work area from the rest of the room. Of course, this only works if the room is the right size. Such partition walls do not reduce the volume caused by any children, but you have at least one area that is reserved for you during your working hours and that your children are not allowed to enter. In order for this to work, however, you need good communication with your offspring.

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Declare the children’s room as a play area

When children are at home, they naturally want to let off steam and play. This can be a real stress test for working in the home office. But there is a solution. Talk to your offspring, explain the situation and explain the children’s room or rooms to be a play area for your children.

In this way, you can ensure that your offspring does not romp around the entire apartment all day and repeatedly tear you out of your concentration. There is no need for your children to sneak around, but they should understand that it is important for you to work with as little noise as possible. In the children’s room, the little ones can romp around as they please. The closed children’s room door keeps a lot of noise in the room and enables you to concentrate on your work.

The study is a restricted zone – fixed rules help

If you have the option of converting your own room (e.g. the bedroom) into a home office, then set up rules for your children so that they do not keep coming into the room and disturbing you at work. For example, agree with them that:

  • access to the room with the door closed is not permitted
  • you have to knock once and you don’t want to be disturbed if there is no answer
  • Entering the room is not allowed if a corresponding sign is hanging on the door, on which z. B. says “Meeting, please do not disturb!”

Such rules may sound harsh, but they help you to work efficiently and to carry out the tasks assigned to you in the home office.

Plan your home office properly Work at home stress-free

Working during sleep

This does not mean that you should work while you sleep yourself. Rather, it makes sense to work in the home office at the times when your offspring is sleeping. Very young children in particular need an afternoon nap and go to bed relatively early in the evening. If possible, schedule your work during these times. So you can be sure that you have given your offspring enough attention during the day and that you can concentrate on your work after lying down.

This method is particularly suitable for employees who carry out activities that are not tied to the company’s opening hours. Even people who only work part-time by the hour can use the evening hours or the afternoon rest to work undisturbed.

Reduce volume with technical aids

Children are noisy playing and romping around the apartment, which is quite natural. In order to still be able to work efficiently in the home office and to be productive, you have the option of using technical aids, e.g. B. high quality headphones and microphones. They are able to filter out the ambient noise and suppress it with the help of a so-called mute function. This allows your children to be loud without your colleagues in the company noticing.

Work efficiently in the home office – quality of the screen

In order not to tire too quickly, a computer or laptop with a high-quality monitor makes sense. Above all, the highest possible resolution and a sufficient size help the eyes and head to stay fit for a long time. So that you can work efficiently, it can make sense to get special supports for your hands and forearms. They prevent discomfort in the shoulders, forearms and hands.

In addition to an ergonomically designed workplace with a suitable desk and office chair, a stable internet connection and a powerful computer are basic requirements for being able to work with the greatest possible productivity in the home office. If the connection to the company breaks down again and again or the computer is overwhelmed, it is not possible to work efficiently from home.

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Breaks increase productivity

When you work at home, just like at your workplace in the company, it is important to take breaks. After a certain period of concentrated work, the concentration decreases. Break times have been introduced so that you can relax mentally and recharge your batteries. In the home office, too, you should take short breaks at set times, move around, do small stretching exercises and strengthen yourself with something to eat and drink.

If possible, get some fresh air, such as taking a lap around the block or sitting on the balcony or patio, if available. A little nap can also help you recover. But be careful, do not sleep too long, because then you will be more tired than before.

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