Interior design ideas – Industrial design is a popular living style today

Interior design ideas – Industrial design is a popular living style today

Metal beds, a dining table made of solid wood and steel, sturdy hanging lamps, a Chesterfield sofa … The industrial furnishing style is easy to recognize in all of these interior elements. This is the focus of our contribution today. Living rooms or bedrooms in industrial design have the charm of old workshops and work halls and fascinate with their own charisma. Anyone striving for an interior design in the industrial style should simply pay attention to the typical features of this living trend. We share some interior design ideas with you, how you can bring the industrial furnishing style into your own four walls.

Interior design ideas – Industrial design has become a real living trend

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Interior design ideas in industrial style – what is typical for this style of living?

In fact, the industrial style of living came about by accident, so to speak. The color halls from the time of industrialization were the source of inspiration for this living trend. Initially, for purely practical reasons, the workrooms were used by sculptors and painters for studios and living spaces. Gradually these became the model for modern interior design. So industrial design is an interior design trend that is inspired by the inventory of factories. It has its distinctive features so that it cannot be confused.

The open room structure with little furniture is typical of this living trend. This brings a feeling of space into the room. The industrial furnishing style is an interplay of individual interior elements. Visible support beams and old window frames, sturdy factory lamps or elegant hanging lights, dark painted steel. All of these have their own charm, but in combination with one another they shape the peculiar character of the industrial style of living.

The industrial design is particularly typical for spacious and airy lofts. But every room could get a loft character with a few elements that are typical of the living style. Unfinished and imperfect are undoubtedly the keywords that correctly describe this style of living.

The bare walls, for example, are characteristic of industrial design. There are actually several options for wall design in this style. Concrete, stone and brick are always suitable alternatives. One relies on bare and worn walls. Wall decoration is unnecessary in most cases.

As far as the materials are concerned, wood, metal and leather form a beautiful whole in an industrial living room. Great highlights are tarnished copper, unpainted steel and dark upholstery in the Chesterfield style.

Rely on bare walls and floors, but still not forego cosiness

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Gray, black and brown are common colors in industrial interiors. Anthracite is another typical color that beautifully sets this furnishing style in scene. But the ambience could be spiced up with ocher-yellow, brick-red or blue and green tones. This way, the room does not appear particularly cold and you get rid of a possible cloudy room effect.

To avoid an uncomfortable room atmosphere, refresh the interior design with a few suitable decorative elements. Nice lamps, a few decorative pillows, sheepskins or cowhide are great ways to bring some dynamism to an industrial design.

Industrial design furniture has a typical look

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The industrial design furniture – what characterizes it?

A room could be designed entirely in the industrial style or only highlighted by separate elements. A rustic interior or an interior design in a country house style is given great accents by inserting individual pieces of furniture. But what is it that defines industrial design furniture?

The furniture in industrial design are constructions with a characteristic design. Industrial furniture has a rough vintage look. Above all else, they are functional. These are characterized by clear lines and a mix of materials. Solid dining tables, metal dining chairs, leather armchairs with metal constructions and of course the characteristic Chesterfield sofa reproduce the unique atmosphere of old factories and workshops.

Industrial design furniture can also be built by yourself. Reuse is therefore a central aspect of this style of living. Such pieces of furniture are also an expression of your own creativity. An original shelf or cozy sofa can be tinkered with old counterparts and add a nice touch to your home. Old pallets and food boxes are perfect for the purpose.

Furniture in industrial design brings the charm of old workshops and factory halls into your own home

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Conclusion: Modern interior design is usually characterized by the pursuit of perfection. Industrial design represents a peculiar change from this in that it attaches great importance to the unfinished and the imperfect. Industrial furniture, a lot of metal, lattice windows and robust floors make up this trendy furnishing style. It exudes its charm both in larger living spaces and in limited areas. So you can also enjoy the aesthetics of the imperfect in your home!

Industrial design uses cool materials. Metal, brick and leather are skillfully combined with one another

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