Jasmine houseplant – a combination of delicate beauty and a bewitching scent

Jasmine houseplant – a combination of delicate beauty and a bewitching scent

A symbol of hope in India and a remarkable plant worldwide, jasmine fascinates with its delicate white flowers and beautiful fragrance. Caring for the jasmine at home is a bit of a hassle. But if you manage to grow this special plant in the room, you will enjoy its magical beauty and bewitching scent for a long time. In today’s post we will give you a few tips about caring for the jasmine houseplant. Please read on!

Jasmine houseplant – A plant with delightful flowers that also smell wonderful

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Jasmine houseplant – what characterizes this special houseplant?

When it comes to jasmine, it must be mentioned that there are several types of jasmine that are often confused. Florists say there are 400 species to be distinguished from jasmine. The real jasmine and the scented jasmine are some of the best known. Some types of jasmine are used for the production of noble fragrances, while others are better suited as climbing plants for outdoors. Among all types of jasmine there are also specimens that must also be kept indoors.

The room jasmine forms long tendrils, which are usually drawn on a trellis. Jasmine thrives best in a bright and warm room.

A sufficiently large pot is of crucial importance for the development of the plant. The root ball needs enough space. A drainage hole is a must because the irrigation water has to run off to avoid waterlogging.

Ventilate the room regularly to protect the jasmine from pests

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Jasmine houseplant – how to properly take care of this beauty

The jasmine houseplant likes bright places, a full sun location is most suitable for him. However, strong midday sun is not good for the plant and should therefore be avoided. In summer you can keep the room jasmine outside in a tub. With the prerequisite that you get him inside before the frost sets in. A regularly ventilated space is an important condition for the plant to thrive properly.

The normal one Potting soil with some ripe compost is well suited for the room jasmine. If a jasmine is used as a bonsai, a mixture of 80% Akadama and 20% compost soil is necessary in this case. It is advisable to repot the jasmine at least every three years in spring. The reason: The high demand for water and nutrients leads to the weakening of the earth.

The jasmine is in relation to that to water a little more demanding. The soil doesn’t have to be too dry or too damp. If the top layer of soil dries out, it’s time to water the plant. Watering is extremely important during growth, and in summer the room jasmine also needs water every day. Be particularly careful not to collect excess water in the pot. The plant cannot survive that.

It is better if you use water with little lime when watering

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Between April and September you need the jasmine houseplant with a liquid fertilizer every 14 days fertilize. The room jasmine needs a lot of nutrients.

An important detail when caring for the jasmine house plant is the following: Do not leave the room jasmine in a living room that is too warm in winter, but place the plant in a light and cool place with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Finally, a tip: you can afford a pruning between February and March. This promotes flower formation. Unfortunately, there is this extraordinary beauty toxic be sure to wear gloves when cutting. That is why it is particularly important to protect the room jasmine from children and pets: every part of the plant is poisonous!

A cool phase in winter is desirable for the room jasmine so that the plant will continue to bloom in the next year

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The bonsai jasmine has its own charm

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The white flowers of the jasmine are little eye catchers

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Depending on the species, the jasmine flowers differ from one another

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The climbing jasmine is particularly popular for garden decorations

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The jasmine branches are just great as a delicate room decoration


Caring for jasmine houseplant properly

It’s hard to confuse the delicate white jasmine flowers

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Caring for jasmine houseplant properly and enjoying it for a long time

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