Living trends for 2018 – unusual furnishings

Living trends for 2018 – unusual furnishings

There is no doubt that furnishings and furniture are also subject to trends in fashion. The living trends are never clear. In 2017 we saw a lot – country house style, Scandinavian living design, natural living, maritime style, etc. Some of these styles are also valid for the next year, for example the love of the country, the love of nature, the cozy, rustic furnishings and the classic maritime style. But new trends in living and furnishing have also emerged. You will find out which ones in this article, as we suggest that you take a “walk” through furnishing fashion together with you to find out about the latest home trends. You will also get decorating tips, because it’s all about materials and colors. Curious? That’s where we start!

Find out about the future home trends in furnishing for 2018

Living trends 2018

The new year 2018 is getting closer and it will definitely bring a lot of new things. What can we expect in the fashion world of furnishings? In a summary we present you the main idea of ​​the current design.

Minimalism is and will remain in trend

Minimalism has established itself in many areas of life within 3 decades, of course also when furnishing your own four walls. It forms the basis of all current living trends. Ordinary everyday life is exhausting enough and even stressful from time to time. As soon as you get home, everyone wants to relax, switch off from stress in peace and quiet and cozy harmony. Modern man now prefers that nothing additional claims his attention. Minimalism helps here. This style is dominated by simple shapes and straight lines. The well-known minimalist motto “less is more” avoids everything superfluous and additional. The main idea is to free the room as much as possible and not make any effort there.

Minimalism – simple shapes, clear lines, subtle colors

eased style

The minimalism creates the atmosphere necessary for enjoyable relaxation

A wide living room

Straight lines prevail in the modern, minimalist living room

Living room to relax

We want to clarify it again: what will be fashionable next year? The colors can be pastel and retro, classic gray, bright green or Dark blue for the new design of your home choose. Trendy materials are still wood and rattan, leather or fur for a natural, rustic country look, stone, ceramic, concrete, granite and Metal for the northern style. You use copper as the metalthis is the new gold. Did you know that or not, walnut, oak and beech are used as wood material. When it comes to modern room lighting, LED lamps are still a huge hit. As a supplement or for a change you can also furnish with interesting lighting fixtures. The underfloor heating is also in. We have liked “living with a system” since last year. Functional shelves are used here, so that everything is well organized and still has more free space. Add a few plants to all of this and you will get the very latest in interior design ideas. We hope you enjoy these trends!

Pastel and retro colors

A pleasant, classic look of pastel and retro colors can be present in every new and modern apartment. A combination between lighter and darker, muted colors is not only possible, but an unusual idea. Sometimes the following happens: what seems impossible as a combination is actually a very successful mix of colors.

The accent is on the armchair and stool, which in this room are in a soft pastel shade

Living room 2018

In this living room in muted colors, the armchair is distinguished by its lighter shades

Furnishing ideas for the living room

The eternal gray

Gray color is the classic in the interior, because gray has a calming effect. This color combines with almost everything. Many leading furniture brands offer furniture in gray. Below you can see some interior design ideas in this color and their nuances.

Bedroom in gray with interesting prints

Bedroom in gray mariane living trends for 2018

Bedroom in gray

A work of art can be clearly seen on this dark gray decoration with LED lighting and decorative pillows.

Living room in gray

Minimalism in gray with designer furniture and lots of space-saving shelves

Gray and minimalism

Gray color combined with wood

Spacious living room

Olive green – it still looks natural

Green is undoubtedly modern and in a certain shade this color looks very natural. So that everything is in the country house style, we prefer everything that comes from the country as decoration and material. Enjoy the cosiness!

This comfortable and functional children’s room is styled in olive green and bears the stamp of minimalism

an idea for the nursery

The kitchen designed in white and green and combining these colors with wood textures

jasmine white and green for the kitchen

Who thought that green and purple go so well together?

Sofas in green

Dark blue … and then comes the maritime style

Why not use the wonderful maritime style at home too? It doesn’t go out of style, just as swimming in the sea is never boring. This style is full of grandeur and looks very aristocratic. Arrange with anything that comes from the sea or its imitation and you will get great results.

Bedroom with many marine motifs

Design furniture

Maritime style bathroom

A bathroom in dark blue

Children’s room decoration

Interesting decoration for the nursery

Living room with a bed for the little ones furnished as a ship

Maritime decoration for the bedroom

In the living room you can notice some rattan furniture

Comfortable living room

2. Intelligent shelves – style “living with a system”

If you have a lot of things in your apartment and you don’t know where to put them, shelves come to the rescue. They only make the minimalist style possible. Choose shelves that can accommodate a lot of items and that only take up a little space in the room. This frees up living space to play with small children or just to relax.

The shelves are functional and save space

old and modern

“Living with a system”

Shelf in the living room

Northern influence – the hygge style

The Scandinavian style “Hygge” comes closest to minimalism. It’s an interesting combination between simplicity and comfort. This design is not as “empty” as the minimalism and not as overloaded as the country style. It can radiate both cold and warmth. That is why it is so necessary in both summer and winter. In a hygge-style room, a modern fireplace, candles and other lighting fixtures are essential.

Hyggi style

A living room in white

And so you now know more about the living trends for the coming year. No matter what kind of trend you choose, the main goal is that you feel very comfortable and cozy in your home.

in the minimalist style

Modern life

Nice living room

Living room design

Living room-in-a-eased-style

Living room variant


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