Lucky bamboo at home: care tips and ideas for decoration

Do you know the lucky bamboo and do you find it suitable for your stylish interior decoration? It is a plant with its own character and deep symbolic meaning in a number of cultures. Its botanical name is Dracaena sanderiana and, curiously, the name is totally misleading. The lucky bamboo is not bamboo at all, but belongs to the family of asparagus-like plants. This group also includes the elephant foot (Beaucarnea recurvata) and other types of dragon trees.

Bathroom ideas with lucky bamboo are all the rage

Bathroom mirror ideas lucky bamboo

Feng Shui and the bamboo plant

The bamboo plant originally comes from Africa and has quickly gained popularity throughout the Orient. Within the Feng Shui design technique one ascribes a very important meaning to it. That's probably where the name comes from. According to Feng Shui, the number of sticks in the bamboo plant is crucial to the importance it has for interior decoration. If these are only two, the plant is a sign of love. A bamboo plant with three sticks brings wealth, longevity and joie de vivre. In this case, number five is associated with creativity. If the bamboo plant has seven rods, it stands for good health, abundance, seclusion and completeness.

This plant as an element of artistic shelf design

Bookshelves design ideas lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo is an ideal gift

The lucky bamboo is an ideal gift for anyone who likes to decorate with plants. Its appearance suits almost every modern style. According to Feng Shui, it attracts good energies, happiness and prosperity. In addition, Feng Shui says that you should get the bamboo plant as a gift so that it fully expands its potential. Occasions that relate to a new beginning, a change of residence, a wedding or a birth are particularly suitable. You could also give a bamboo plant to the team leader of a newly opened office or to someone starting a new job.

Luckily bamboo vases are placed next to the mirror

The bathroom design lucky bamboo

Caring for the lucky bamboo is pretty easy!

The lucky bamboo is one of the easiest house plants to look after and it doesn't need any intense light at all. On the contrary – you have to make sure that it is not positioned in an overly sunny spot. Lucky bamboo grows wonderfully in vases and other vessels full of water! In this case there should be a layer of stone on the floor. The water then has to be changed every two or three days and the stones should be washed carefully. The plant can also be combined with ornamental fish, which of course requires a lot of care.

Always pay attention to the symbolism of the plant!

Decoration shelf ideas lucky bamboo


The lucky bamboo can be easily cut and shaped differently. The tower-shaped, spiral-shaped and heart-shaped variants are very popular. It is best to bring these in line with the symbolism. The tower can be associated with wealth. E.g. one could give this shape to a three-rod lucky bamboo. The spiral could be associated with creativity. Perhaps this would be the ideal shape for five-rod plants. These are ideas that came to mind! But maybe you would combine the shapes and symbols of the bars in a completely different way? Feel free to do it as you wish. The combination with water and vases opens up further possibilities for creative and exotic decoration ideas.

Are you looking for something green and mystical for your table decoration? Here's an idea for you!

Decoration for the table - table design - lucky bamboo

Pull cuttings!

Growing lucky bamboo is just as easy as caring for it. For cuttings, you can simply break off 4 to 8 cm long pieces from the stem and put them in water to allow it to develop.

More tips for decorating with lucky bamboo

The decoration with lucky bamboo allows a lot of creativity and flexibility! In addition to the suggested shapes for the cut, you can choose completely different ones. In this way you bring the appearance of the plant in harmony with the right shapes of your interior design and decoration. The position can be any. Only at the window in the glaring light should this plant not stand too long.

Combine with other symbols that come from Eastern cultures!

Feng Shui elephant lucky bamboo

You could make the plant part of a pretty colorful design

Fruits and vegetables ideas lucky bamboo

Consider an arrangement with other flowers!

Lucky bamboo - beautiful ideas for the interior

We recommend that you choose the vase very carefully

Lucky bamboo - flower vase great ideas

The lucky bamboo goes wonderfully with the designer lamp and the modern sculpture on the shelf

Lucky bamboo - wood and mirror in the interior

This beautiful plant goes with almost any design style

Lucky bamboo - wooden furniture ideas hallway design

You could come up with all sorts of shapes when designing it!

Lucky bamboo - small vase with gravel

Lucky bamboo - minimalist plant ideas

Lucky Bamboo - Red Shelves Ideas

Lucky bamboo - beautiful decoration for the interior

Lucky bamboo - beautiful decorative plants - plant ideas

Here the bamboo plant serves as a subtle accent

Lucky bamboo - great bathroom ideas

Lucky bamboo - great plants for decoration

Lucky bamboo - wonderful ideas for table decorations

Lucky bamboo - beautiful media wall

Lucky bamboo bathroom ideas decoration ideas

Lucky bamboo bathroom ideas in white

An ideal idea for the exotic side table

Lucky bamboo side table exotic ideas

Lucky bamboo decoration ideas picture wall

Lucky bamboo dark modern furniture ideas

Lucky bamboo exotic side table knitted furniture

How to decorate the windowsill in an exotic and symbolic style

Lucky bamboo window sill decoration

Lucky bamboo hallway design living room ideas

Lucky Bamboo Yellow Plant Ideas Vase

Lucky bamboo wood ideas for interior decoration

The entangled sticks have a very charming decorative effect

Lucky Bamboo Musical Wall Ideas

Lucky bamboo plants and lighting as decoration

Lucky bamboo shelf ideas wall design

Lucky bamboo shelf wall plant ideas

The combination with glass decoration is extremely appealing

Lucky bamboo round vase with pebbles

Lucky bamboo table decoration wooden furniture

Lucky bamboo great vases with gravel

Lucky bamboo vase with stones and other ideas

The symbolism of the number "3" dominates here

Lucky bamboo vases table decoration

Lucky bamboo living room table design

Hanging decoration installation lucky bamboo

Small side table - table - chair lucky bamboo

Artful side table - great ideas - lucky bamboo

The Buddha figure and the lucky bamboo decoration go wonderfully together

Light up ideas small sculptures lucky bamboo

Modern bathroom ideas lucky bamboo

PC - great ideas for the table - lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant in a vase

Green plants with an interesting structure come into their own against the black background

Shelf design - great plants - lucky bamboo

Wall of shelves with various accessories lucky bamboo

Beautiful exotic plants ideas lucky bamboo

great bathroom ideas - lucky bamboo

great kitchen design - lucky bamboo

Here we see a great combination of lucky bamboo and other plants

Partition wall - bathroom ideas - lucky bamboo

Vases with plants decoration lucky bamboo

Wall design - great ideas - lucky bamboo

Wall mirror ideas shelf lucky bamboo

Homely decoration ideas lucky bamboo

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