Make butterflies for children – make fun and colorful spring decorations yourself

Make butterflies for children – make fun and colorful spring decorations yourself

Winter is finally coming to an end and spring is on the threshold. This gives you a boost to make fresh spring decorations yourself to welcome the new season. Not only can you make lovely spring flowers, but also any insects that are typical for spring. The beautiful butterflies inspire young and old. Children will have a lot of fun creating colorful and fun spring decorations. That is why we are focusing our contribution today on handicrafts with children. Children make butterfly – a fun handicraft idea in which children and parents do handicrafts together and enjoy being together.

Children make butterflies – a wide range of design options are available to you

Children make butterflies fresh and colorful

A fresh spring decoration and a wonderful gift at the same time – children make butterflies

Making a butterfly is not difficult and is therefore perfect for handicrafts with children. In addition, you have a large selection of materials for this project. Paper and napkins as well as paper rolls and paper plates are suitable. With hand prints or clapping technique or even folded, it creates adorable butterflies. How to design the butterfly is a matter of taste and imagination.

The self-made butterflies can be placed somewhere as decoration, stick on the wall or hang up as an original hanging decoration. With butterflies you can not only decorate the apartment in harmony with the coming spring, but also create original gifts. This is how the self-made butterfly turns into a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Decorate the butterfly with glitter and pompoms

butterfly tinker kids glitter pom poms toilet paper roll

Creativity is the order of the day!

tinker butterfly children colored funny tinker with children

Butterfly tinker children – Hand outline butterfly

For the little ones, paper is best for creating a colorful butterfly. Two brightly colored cardboard boxes, pencil, scissors, glue, poster paint and black pen are sufficient to create an original work of art.

Depending on your taste, choose the color of the cardboard box – the butterfly will actually be in this color. Fold this in half. The child must place his or her hand on the closed side with the heel of his hand. The fingers have to be spread as far apart as possible – these will later be the wings of the butterfly. Then cut out the hand outline, but don’t cut open the closed side of the folded cardboard!

Then take a second box of a different color for the butterfly’s body. Cut out the outline you want. Then glue the body to the back of the wings. You can also attach this to the front if you prefer. Then turn the butterfly wings over and paint the cute butterfly’s face on it. Then the children dip their fingers in poster color and make fingerprints on the wings. Older children can be more creative and design the butterfly’s wings to suit their mood. Your little butterfly is ready!

Beautiful butterflies are child’s play to make out of paper

tinker butterfly children children's hands cardboard

Make a butterfly yourself from toilet paper roll

You will need the following for this project:

  • Toilet roll
  • Cardboard for the grand piano, motif cardboard is also possible
  • Acrylic paints, poster paints or other decorations
  • Pipe cleaner for the feelers
  • Googly eyes
  • scissors
  • Glue

How are you:

First paint the toilet paper roll in any color. This will actually be the body of the butterfly. Now cut out the wings. Use a motif card or a cardboard that you will paint on later. Now you have to be careful that the height of the wings is not higher than that of the toilet roll. Wings with a height of 9.5 cm are ideal, because a toilet roll is usually just as high. You can determine the width yourself. For symmetrical wings, fold the cardboard in half, then draw a wing. Cut this out and unfold the paper again. Well, now you have nice evenly shaped wings. Now you can decorate the butterfly wings as you like.

Now glue the paper roll to the wings. Then cut a colored pipe cleaner into two short pieces and attach them to the paper roll from the inside. So the butterfly also has beautiful antennae. Glue the googly eyes and paint a mouth. Isn’t that a cute butterfly ?!

Several butterflies create colorful room decorations and a cheerful atmosphere

tinker butterfly children make colorful spring decorations themselves

So look for interesting DIY ideas that develop the fine motor skills of the little ones. And so is their imagination! Draw inspiration from the following picture gallery and create magical butterflies together with your children! We hope you enjoy it!

Paint paper plates in an original way and transform them into attractive butterflies

Children make butterfly tinker paper plates spring-like in color

Hanging butterflies as if they were floating in the air

butterfly handicrafts children hanging on napkins pipe cleaners

butterfly handicraft children colorful handicrafts in spring

tinker butterfly children tinker spring decorations

butterfly tinker kids gift idea mothers day

tinker butterfly children children's hands colored funny

tinker butterfly children creatively make their own original decoration

tinker butterfly kids creative idea colored kids mask

tinker butterfly kids cute butterfly make cool spring decorations yourself

butterfly tinker kids original diy ideas spring

butterfly tinker kids paper pipe cleaner

butterfly tinker children decorate paper rolls butterfly

butterfly tinker children creative tinkering ideas colorful projects

Make butterflies kids paper plates colorful decorations yourself

butterfly tinker children paper plate colorful dots

butterfly tinker kids pipe cleaner creative ideas

tinker butterfly kids beautiful gift ideas tinker ideas for children

butterfly tinker kids toddler tinker ideas

butterfly tinker children other insects bees ladybugs

butterfly tinker children colored napkins


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