Make Christmas balls and experience the anticipation of Christmas

Make Christmas balls and experience the anticipation of Christmas

Well, it looks like it's going to be a bit stressful Christmas this year. But positive emotions could help us get through the difficulties stress-free. That is why we would advise you to enjoy the get-together at home with great festive DIY projects. Would you like to make the Christmas tree look a little different this year? Then make the tree decorations yourself! It has become particularly trendy in recent years to make the balls yourself at home. Creatively designed and decorated in an original way, they become real eye-catchers at Christmas. However, these are not only used as Christmas tree decorations, but also create a beautiful picture when grouped or individually. Draw inspiration from how you can make unusual Christmas balls yourself, which are the focus of the Christmas decorations.

Tinker Christmas balls – Give the Christmas tree the finishing touch with beautiful Christmas balls

tinker christmas balls christmas decoration ideas decorate plastic balls

Put your self-made Christmas balls in the limelight

The anticipation of Christmas is usually expressed by making beautiful Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree was decorated with glass balls for the first time in the mid-19th century. Today the Christmas balls are designed so differently that you are spoiled for choice, which best decorate the Christmas tree. Mam has an infinite amount of freedom for originality and can create unique decorations for the Christmas tree. Not only can you let your imagination run wild, you can also choose from a wide variety of materials for your project.

Elegant Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas decoration

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For example, if you want to make painted balls, in this case simple glass balls and acrylic balls are best. So you can represent different Christmas motifs on the ball. The plastic ball is also a hot trend nowadays. And styrofoam balls can also be wonderfully decorated for Christmas. There are of course numerous projects in which children can also participate in handicrafts and in this way communicate the anticipation of the upcoming festival. Then bring the self-made Christmas tree decorations to the fore by hanging the balls centrally on the Christmas tree or by arranging them separately and creating beautiful highlights.

You can make original hanging decorations for Christmas from paper

tinker christmas balls paper balls creative tinker

Make unbreakable Christmas balls

Among all the Christmas tree decorations, the Christmas tree balls stand out. They captivate the eyes of all family members and guests, including children and pets. Those who have small children and four-legged friends at home prefer unbreakable Christmas decorations. Fortunately, the right materials are available to create beautiful spheres. The craft ideas made of paper and felt are particularly popular. These self-made decorations could also serve as wonderful Christmas presents and be given away for the celebration.

Design the Christmas tree balls however you like

tinker christmas balls make original christmas tree decorations

But we would also like to introduce you to another original DIY project. Namely, how to make Christmas balls out of balloons. What you need:

  • small balloons
  • glue
  • String, strong thread or packaging tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter or stars to decorate

A little atypical Christmas ball, isn't it?

tinker christmas balls purr airy, glittering tinker christmas decorations

It's easy to create these fancy Christmas balls. How are you?

  1. First, put the glue in a bowl and mix it with water. It should be an almost liquid mixture.
  2. Cut about two meters of string and soak it with the mixture.
  3. Decide how big the Christmas balls should be and inflate the balloons that far.
  4. Now wrap the balloons with the glue string and let them dry for 24 hours.
  5. Next, pierce the balloons and remove the remains.
  6. Now paint the dried cord with any acrylic paint.
  7. At the end, decorate the Christmas balls with glitter or stars, etc.

Decorate the Christmas tree in style

tinker christmas balls creative tinker ideas tinker christmas decorations

If you would like to make beautiful Christmas balls with your children, you can choose from several options. For example, you can fill two-part plastic balls with pompoms or cotton balls. Then seal the ball, spray it on top with spray glue and decorate it with some glitter! You already have unique hanging decorations for your Christmas tree!

Tinker Christmas balls with children

tinker christmas balls fill acrylic balls pompoms tinker christmas decorations

How would you beautify your apartment with the self-made Christmas balls? Do you hang the balls on the Christmas tree, put them under or next to it? The main thing is that you bring it to life.

And so, in a few weeks the Advent season will come again! Think about how you will decorate the Christmas tree this year in good time. Hopefully you will choose self-made balls for it! There are endless possibilities to customize these! We wish you the best of luck with your handicrafts and a lot of fun!

Rustic ball tinker made of acrylic

tinker christmas balls acrylic ball fill snow

Felt balls for the Christmas tree

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Be creative and create extraordinary Christmas decorations

Make christmas balls acrylic balls use creative craft ideas

Children like to do handicrafts with Christmas balls

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Rely on self-made Christmas decorations

tinker christmas balls creatively tinker original hanging decoration christmas tinker

Unusual hanging decorations for Christmas create a festive atmosphere at home

tinker christmas baubles creatively tinker christmas decorations yourself hanging decoration

Fairytale craft idea for the Christmas balls

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So simple, but still effective …

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