Make pom poms yourself: the fork method and decoration tips!

Make pom poms yourself: the fork method and decoration tips!

During this time of year we usually celebrate Carnival, but we cannot do so in 2021 due to current circumstances. Nevertheless, one should keep the spirit of this millennia-old tradition alive. In our article you will find, among other things, colorful DIY ideas. They could be used as decorations for small celebrations at home. Today’s topic is meant to bring joy to children and adults. With it you can easily make great pompoms yourself and use them for various purposes.

The fork method for pom poms is probably the easiest of all

DIY pom poms - green and red

Make pom poms yourself: the easiest instruction ever!

There are a few different ways you can make pompoms yourself. We’ll show you the easiest way to do this. Finally, you’ll also see a few more instructions that are more complicated. However, you only need the following materials and utensils for the instructions:

  • Yarn (on request in one or more colors),
  • A fork,
  • Scissors.

Attention: The size of the pom-poms depends on the fork selected! This and the color of the yarn give you the freedom to customize the project.

Here you can see the same instructions, but shown in more detail!

Yellow thread DIY pom poms

Step 1: wrap the yarn around the fork

Free one end of the ball of yarn and wrap it around the fork at least 20 times. That is the minimum for such a beautiful end result. It’s pretty important that the yarn be wrapped around the center of the fork. Both ends of this should remain free. For really big pompoms, you could wrap around 50 times.

Individualize your DIY pompoms according to color and size

DIY pom poms various great pom poms

Step 2: tie

After you have wound enough, cut the yarn off the ball and hold it in place. Now take another thread a few inches long. Run this under the fork and tie the wrapped yarn exactly as shown in the first two pictures. Make a really tight knot. Take the whole thing out of the fork and form a small ball.

You could make something really practical out of the pompoms

the most diverse colors of DIY pom poms

Step 3: cut the sides of the yarn

So that you now completely finish the pom-poms, you should cut through the yarn sides with the scissors. You’re almost done! Finally, you would now have to cut off the tips with the scissors that are a little too long.

Customization and practical use

You can now see that you can very easily make pom poms yourself. The project could be customized according to your taste and needs. This is mainly due to the size of the fork and the thread colors. The texture, i.e. the quality of the thread, is of course another factor that is important. The pompoms are perfect toys for children and pets. Make sure that they handle it appropriately! With pompons you can also wonderfully decorate the interior just like that or for different occasions.

Our pictures give you some ideas for customization and suitable use!

With this idea you could make several great pompoms yourself!

Blue decoration ideas make pom poms yourself

It’s hard to believe that pom poms are so easy to make, right?

DIY pom poms color pink

The pompoms could also be colorful. It depends on the choice of yarn!

Individual DIY ideas pom poms

You can make pom poms yourself and use them as decoration in the desired color palette for an event

Pom poms DIY craft ideas

More wonderful and simple pompons in appealing colors

Pom poms different decoration ideas

The size could be very different!

Pom poms make great colors yourself

Ladybug pom poms? That’s how it is done!
Pom poms great batel idea

This is how you create great necklaces or amulets for children
Pom poms - funny patterns

Individualize your gift packaging with a few simple moves
Wrap gifts pom poms

Here we have two more practical ideas with pompoms for you!

Pom poms decoration ideas gift ideas

Pompons as a sock decoration? Why not?

Pom poms DIY ideas handicrafts with children

We also have a great DIY bouquet here!

Pom poms yellow and white

The decoration ideas with pompoms are quite a lot! Seize the opportunity!

Make various DIY ideas for pom poms yourself




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