Make the bed right!  Health benefits, steps, pictures with ideas

Make the bed right! Health benefits, steps, pictures with ideas

Could you make your bed look like a picture in a magazine? Are you doing this pretty well at home or not quite? Are you satisfied with the end results? Maybe you can hardly imagine this turning into a great creative and therapeutic act? Making the bed, right and perfect, is entirely possible and in the following lines we will explain how to achieve it. You will also learn why this routine is good for your health. After all, we have dozens of inspiring pictures of well-made beds ready for you.

The decorative bedspread here corresponds to the wood look on the wall

Accent wall to make bed out of wood

What are the benefits of making your bed good?

Making your bed every day has many more benefits than you might think. This also promotes mental health, among other things. Several studies have shown that this allows you to sleep much more peacefully and with better quality. A writer and admiral in the American fleet by the name of Willian H. McCraven even wrote a book about it. He has shown that these simple, routine actions lead to more optimism in everyday life. Incidentally, this is also confirmed by many other scientists and psychologists. In addition, coping with the small tasks helps to cope better with the big challenges in life. After all, by tidying up your own bed you will ventilate the bed linen and keep it fresh. This is healthy for you and for the whole family.

Teach the children how to make their bed.

excellent idea for bed making bed

Making the bed step by step

Making the bed and designing it for the day is nothing complicated and yet it makes some people desperate. This can be corrected. You just have to follow a few steps in a disciplined manner. Particular attention should be paid to the following elements when making your bed:

  • Bed sheets,
  • Blanket,
  • Bedspread,
  • Pillow,
  • Throw pillows
  • An additional blanket (optional).

The neutral color palette is perfect for this bedroom

make bed in pink and white

So you can make your bed step by step

Step 1: First of all, you should cover the bed with your sheets.

Step 2: Spread the duvet over it so that the sheet is really well covered. Correct on all sides until you get a symmetrical result.

The routine of making the bed makes us more optimistic

make bed - tidying up a double bed

Step 3: Now cover with the bedspread. Pay attention to the symmetry here too.

Step 4: Now is the time to distribute the pillows on the bed. You need at least four for a double bed – two sleeping pillows and two decorative ones. The first should usually be placed against the wall or headboard. The throw pillows come in front of it.

Step 4: If you wish, you could fold a blanket lengthways and lay it out on the lower part of the bed. The edges should look towards the bottom of the bed.

Do not despair if everything is not perfect from the start. With every following day it becomes more optimal! You will see the meaning of the phrase “practice makes perfect” as you make your bed.

Here we see a nicely made bed for an industrial space

Make a bed - Scandinavian style room

Final tips: a great experiment and creative inspiration

Do the following experiment: Make your bed for a few days. Then you should let it be for a while. Consequently, you should do one or the other every other day. While doing this, observe your feelings and emotions. You would probably feel for yourself what a difference the whole thing makes for you personally. Then you should let your creative impulses run free! You could make the bed in a personalized style. Contrasting and unusual decorative pillows, stylish or unusual patterns, matching other decorative details in the room are just a few of the many ideas. You can find more great ideas in the following pictures. Make an effort to make your bed right, but also creative and beautiful. So the whole thing not only looks complete, but also has a pretty original style.

For a perfectly made bed, you need at least four pillows

make bed - great blanket and nice pillows

You can set such great accents in the children’s room

make bed - great animals and decorative pillows

The bed could also be turned into a great sofa

make bed - great cozy room

Maybe you can use throw pillows in different shapes

make bed - great mural

Here are ideas for a fabulous traditional bed

Make a bed - various decorative pillows, flowers and other ideas

make bed - wall design with beautiful pictures

make bed - closet hallway ideas

make bed (16)

Here you have chosen a well-made bed with a floral design

make bed bedspread drawer cabinet

bed make picture wall and great pillows

make bed decoration pillow wooden house

make bed upholstered wall design

make bed pattern wallpapers

Sporty patterns for the popular hobby motivate teenagers to clean up

make bed orange blue and white

make bed red accent wall

Make bed transparent wall in the middle of the room

blue white ideas for bedroom bed making

blanket and decorative pillow make bed

Here is an original design for a great bunk bed

Make a double bed in pink and green

make a single bed - great

ethnic patterns for the bed coverlet making bed

yellow gray and white make bed

yellow blanket make bed

The sheets in this case have a great decorative effect

checkered blanket make bed

headboard pillow in yellow and purple make bed

beautiful elegant duvet make bed

black gray and white make bed

wall ideas - great beautiful blankets - make bed

Do you love this nautical bed?

wall ideas in black and white make bed



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