Make This Plant Pot Coffee Table

When I recently refreshed a little corner of our downstairs space, I knew it needed a coffee table to make it comfortable. Looking around and seeing so many spare plant pots at our house, I decided they would make the perfect base!

For this project I used a marble top that I had off a secondhand table I’d been holding onto. If you’re after a nice marble tabletop I suggest checking out classified websites or a secondhand furniture store for tables that need an upcycle. You could also use a wooden top, or get a piece of wood cut to size.

You need

  • A large plant pot, this one is 40cm diameter
  • Glue, we used Selley’s Hold Up
  • A marble table top or round piece of wood

How to

This is a very simple project, one that you virtually need no instructions for, but here are a few tips.

  1. Turn your plant pot over and cover it with glue.
  2. Take your table top and place it on top, ensuring you locate it in the very center of your pot so that it is balanced.
  3. Let the glue dry and then use!



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