Making a lantern – 3 instructions and over 30 new ideas for Halloween 2020

If you want to make a beautiful Halloween lantern, then you should definitely open your eyes to the diverse design options! This will make your party really colorful and happy. Glass, paper and other materials can be the basis for such a project. However, the possibilities are not exhausted! You can make lanterns yourself from pumpkins, among other things. As always, we want to make everything as pleasant and easy as possible for you. That's why we've prepared three great guides for you! The remaining 30 ideas then serve as further inspiration. They can also be mimicked pretty easily.

Paper lanterns are also great ideas for wall design

great wonderful lighting halloween lantern

How to make a paper Halloween lantern!

The first tutorial for Halloween lanterns shows how to make a lamp out of paper. This variant is perfect for handicrafts with children. Here are the materials you need:

  • One sheet of DIN A4 in the color orange,
  • A scissors,
  • Brackets,
  • Duct tape,
  • A wire, thread or string of lights,
  • Black paper or pencil,
  • Printed paper templates on the topic of "Halloween" (optional),
  • Paper glue.

Fold the sheet of paper in half so that the short pages are twice as small. You should then open the sheet again. Use the scissors to make a couple of equally sized cuts along the center line. Now shape a tube from the paper. Attach the top and bottom sides.

Halloween lanterns made of paper can be made from a wide variety of materials

Halloweeen lantern made of paper - great

Decoration of the paper lantern

Now you can decorate the Halloween lantern with black pencil or additional paper. You could draw or glue on creepy motifs such as spider webs, bats or ghost faces. Use great internet templates to help. Color in the patterns or cut out the motifs and attach them to the lantern with the help of adhesive. It is best to make a few pieces of it and tie them together with a wire or thread.

Attention: Of course, candles cannot be used in the paper lanterns. Alternatively, you could tie them to a string of lights! Make sure, however, that the lightbulbs are away from the paper to avoid possible fire hazards. Of course, don't leave this light chain lantern installation unintentionally or overnight!

You can also hang Halloween paper lanterns at home as a decoration near fused lights or on the window. This is how the creepy Halloween paper lanterns really come into their own!

Basically, just two empty jam jars and a black paint pen are sufficient for the great Halloween decoration!

Halloween lantern - jar with different patterns

Make Halloween lanterns with glasses yourself

For these DIY ideas you will need:

  • A couple of empty glasses of various sizes;
  • Color sprays in white, orange, gray or blue suitable for glass surfaces (you can use one or more of these colors);
  • Black paint that would be suitable for glass surfaces;
  • Brushes of various sizes;
  • Small candles;
  • You need a few templates from Pintarest or other internet sources with Halloween scenes or motifs.

Clean and dry the glasses thoroughly. It is imperative that you thoroughly remove the label and the rest of the adhesive. Next, pick up the sprays and apply the selected base colors to the glass surface. As I said, you could also use a single shade for all lenses. Alternatively, you could create a colorful collection of Halloween lanterns.

Jar with patterns for Halloween

halloween lantern - glass with halloween motifs

Decoration and closure of the glass Halloween lantern

In order for the decoration with Halloween motifs to work well, you must first let the base paint dry very well. Then cut out the figures from the templates and use them to paint their silhouettes on the glass. Fill in the figures with black paint. Finally, put the small decorative candles in the glass and you have a set of beautifully glowing lanterns.

What do you think of a pumpkin lantern “family”?

halloweeen lantern great idea

Halloween lantern made from pumpkin

The pumpkin is very healthy and therefore you should use it in the kitchen as much as possible. Delicious pumpkin soups and other dishes are particularly healthy for the kidneys and our general health. Pumpkins can also be used to make great lanterns and carve them nicely. Here are the instructions for doing this. For the Halloween lanterns made from pumpkins you will need:

  • A wide surface to work on;
  • An old blanket that doesn't make you feel bad if you get it dirty;
  • Food colors (optional);
  • Knife for cutting;
  • Knives for carving;
  • Soup spoon.

Prepare the work surface by laying a blanket on it and then protecting it from dirt. The first thing to do is to mark the lid and cut it out with a sharp knife. The next step is to spoon out the pumpkin. If you want to use the lid again, you should also remove the pulp from it.

Do you want to keep the natural color of the pumpkin? Alternatively, you can paint it in white or other colors. If you choose the second option, then take the appropriate spray and cover the surface thoroughly. Let the pumpkin dry well.

Here is an original idea for anyone who likes to watch the sky

starry sky system - great ideas - halloween lantern


Use the selected templates to draw the desired pattern. Next, you can cut them out with a smaller knife. Put the candles in the pumpkin and enjoy the light from your fabulous lantern.

Ghostly patterns are a classic for Halloween pumpkin decorations

Ghost ideas - Halloween lantern

Varied decoration ideas and designs

These three simple instructions could be carried out in different ways. Variations are possible both in the selection of the basic color and in the various motifs. The lanterns could be used for the autumnal interior decoration. In this case, your best bet is to correspond with the predominant colors in your interior design. Lanterns are a great idea for decorating window sills. But they can also be placed in front of the front door, where they immediately turn into an eye-catcher.

We wish you a great and healthy Halloween!

The Halloween lanterns are a great addition to the shelf design

Decoration ideas for the shelves Halloween lantern

Table setup with Halloweeen glasses for a minimalist design

Glass with different patterns - great ideas for Halloween lanterns

glowing lights - great ideas Halloween lantern

Even more lights for a magical Halloween atmosphere

Halloween lantern - decoration ideas for the night

Halloween lantern - garden design ideas - great tips

Halloween lantern - bright orange lamp with a great face

Example of various decorations that were inspired by Halloween

Halloween lantern - candles and wall design

Halloween lantern - lanterns made from pumpkins

Halloween lantern - beautiful shining ideas

Halloween lantern - great lampshade - great ideas

Halloween lantern - wonderful lamps - great ideas

If you make the Halloween decoration with candles, also think about possible fire hazard

Halloween Lantern (8)

…. and how to avoid them!

Halloween Lantern (10)

Halloween lantern

Halloween lantern - scary face

Halloween lantern laughing face

Such colorful paper lanterns are ideal for the nursery

Halloween paper lantern lamps

Halloween lantern Christmas decoration ideas

Halloween lantern - wonderful shining eyes

Halloween lantern - two great pumpkins

Basket and other lamps - Halloween lantern

The Halloween decoration made of pumpkins can be put down in different places

Illuminate pumpkin - great Halloween lantern

Pumpkin decoration great ideas Halloween lantern

Pumpkin carving - Halloween lantern

Carving a pumpkin - great Halloween lantern

Lamps around a pumpkin - Halloween lantern

You can leave stylish black and white Halloween decorations there until Christmas!

Spider Ideas - Halloween Lantern

Great lighting Halloween lantern

Are you in the mood for romantic Halloween lamp decorations?

Spider web lights Halloween lantern

white ideas for halloween halloween lantern

Great round and beautiful Halloween lanterns

Living ideas and decoration –


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