Making This Year’s DIY Branch Christmas Tree

It’s starting to feel like Christmas guys! Which can only mean one this, the branch Christmas tree.

Long term readers will know all about the tree I make yearly, which is seriously easy to do, and light on the planet too. I actually kept most of the branches that I had from last year’s tree, but added a new tier and some new decorations. Obviously I’ll also be adding the ones that I upcycled using paint, and I’ll share some pics of that soon.

If you’re looking for the tutorial for this one, you can check out this post! It’s from 2018 when I put up the tree in Hong Kong, and I’m happy to say it works just as well in a house as it does in an apartment. For this project I got everything new I needed from Bunnings including the lights, jute star, gold decorations which are actually air plant holders and some coasters I painted terracotta. Easy!

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