Making winter decorations for indoors and outdoors – creative ideas and lots of inspiration

Making winter decorations for indoors and outdoors – creative ideas and lots of inspiration

If it gets cold, you have to expect shorter days, a lot of wind, frequent rain and snow and … of course, gray roads. So it's no wonder that cozy furnishings and colorful winter decorations are so important. The house entrance, terrace, garden and apartment are transformed with an attractive winter garment so that our hearts are comfortable. It is not a must to order expensive winter decorations online! It works just as well, even if you make your own winter decorations. Let's see how you can decorate your house and garden for winter.

Tinker elegant winter decorations for a festive home

winter decor tinker creative christmas decor ideas living room

Tinker winter decorations – decoration ideas for indoors

When it comes to winter decorations, you naturally only think of a beautiful Christmas decoration. It is always desirable to first choose a theme when decorating. Whether inside or outside, the decoration must appear uniform so that you can enjoy a beautiful end result for weeks. The decoration with candles is a real classic when it comes to winter decorations. You just can't get enough of candlelight and scent. A few candles on the mantelpiece, a few on the windowsill and you've made it: your home has a nice cozy atmosphere! It becomes extremely cozy when the flames in the fireplace begin to dance …

Make lanterns for a more romantic Christmas atmosphere

winter decor tinker pine cones candles mason jars christmas decor living room

The windowsill is an additional area to put your Christmas decorations in the limelight. Let your creativity run free and group candles and various Christmas figures by the window. You could also cut beautiful snowflakes out of a cardboard box and attach them to the window yourself. They make for an excellent winter decoration for inside and outside. Incidentally, the paper snowflakes are also suitable as a hanging decoration. With these you could also decorate glasses and spread a great winter mood in your own four walls.

Decorate the windowsill for Christmas

winter decoration tinker christmas decoration window sill candles mini fir tree

Decorate lanterns thematically for Christmas

winter decoration tinker winter decoration living room snowflake candles

Painting cones is another popular technique for beautiful winter decorations. For example, you can make lovely bouquets of flowers and Christmas wreaths from colorful pine cones. Those who like to do handicrafts with their children have the opportunity to spend pleasant hours with the little ones doing Christmas decorations.

Colorful Christmas decorations make the atmosphere cheerful

winter decoration tinker paint tap winter decoration living room

Make an original Christmas wreath from cones and spice up the entrance

tinker winter decoration make winter wreath yourself paint cones

The simple living room decoration is often more enjoyable than a lush room decoration. For example, you can simply put Christmas balls in a glass bowl where they can be seen and admired by everyone. The preserving jars are also a great help in creating beautiful winter decorations for the interior. Put scented candles inside and spice them up with some tan tree branches. You create a wonderful rustic Christmas decoration for the living room. Or simply arrange evergreen twigs with cones and candles in a shallow container. A beautiful look and a festive mood are guaranteed!

Rustic winter decoration exudes special elegance

winter decoration tinker rustic decoration ideas christmas fir tree branches mason jars

Arrange the winter decorations nicely

winter decoration tinker winter decoration living room fir tree branches candles pine cones

Make winter decorations for the outside area

The coming winter is no reason to go without a beautiful, and why not go without colorful outdoor decorations. Don't wait for spring to beautify your garden and balcony. Even in winter, the garden can be a cool place to relax. Staying in the winter garden can be a wonderful experience if you turn it into an inviting oasis of well-being during the day and a magical place with lots of light at night.

Winter garden lighting actually plays a key role in garden decorations this season. That is also the reason why you should rely on beautiful garden lamps and fairy lights. Lanterns and lanterns are of course also welcome! Otherwise there is a series of creative ideas on how to make unusual winter decorations for the garden. Various natural materials are undoubtedly preferred, such as fir tree branches, cones and even tree grates. Often the winter garden decoration gets a rustic touch.

Decorate the entrance very simply and naturally

winter decoration tinker winter decoration garden christmas decoration for outside

Original winter decoration for inside and outside

winter decoration tinker winter decoration garden wood decoration tinker

Creative craft fans can also reuse old items to give the outdoor area a completely new winter look. So you can make an excellent winter decoration for the entrance area from an old sleigh without much effort. The old car tires can also be quickly transformed into a funny snowman. If you have a little more imagination, you could make extraordinary garden plugs in the form of Christmas gifts or cute reindeer yourself. It's just a matter of your own taste and creativity …

This outdoor decoration for Christmas made of old unusable objects fascinates young and old

tinker winter decoration winter decoration garden sledge pine cone branches

Whether colorful and funny or stylish and elegant, the winter decoration is a joy for young and old. Especially if you make them yourself. The inspiring natural materials and the stylish winter motifs bring a can of Christmas spirit to your home and give the outside area a festive touch.

Decorate the entrance individually

winter decoration tinker decoration ideas entrance door winter decoration garden

Funny winter decoration in the garden

winter decoration tinker winter decoration garden gifts funny decoration ideas christmas

Rustic wood decoration in natural colors

winter decoration tinker wood decoration tinker living room decoration ideas

Candles make the atmosphere cozy and warm

winter decor tinker christmas decor ideas winter decor living room

Simple Christmas decorations for outdoors with lots of green

winter decoration tinker entrance decorate fir tree branches rustic decoration ideas

winter decorations tinker christmas decorations ideas entrance tinker christmas decorations

winter decoration tinker christmas decoration ideas flurdeko rustic

tinker winter decorations create a christmas spirit

winter decoration tinker winter decoration decorate the garden entrance

tinker winter decoration winter decoration garden make your own christmas wreath

winter decoration tinker winter decoration garden reused materials snowman

winter decoration tinker cozy rustic creative christmas decoration ideas

winter decoration tinker winter decoration living room fir tree branches pine cones

winter decoration tinker cones paint christmas decoration ieen

winter decoration tinker winter decoration tap decoration garland

winter decoration tinker natural materials autumn winter decoration ideas

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