Modern carpets or how you can make the living space more attractive

When it comes to elegant floor design with rugs, our editors can offer a wide range of cool ideas. In the article, we want to look at an atypical design that has remained unknown to many design enthusiasts so far. Today's idea concerns modern carpets that are multifunctional. These have many advantages and help you to make the living space more attractive. Stay tuned and convince yourself of their advantages!

Modern carpets for every living space

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The designer behind the project

Attractive modern rugs are presented every year in the designer world. But modern carpets with multifunctional application like these are not often seen. Behind the creative project is a designer from Spain named Patricia Urquiola. She lives and works in Milan, where she graduated in 1989. The designer is responsible for many product developments that arouse great interest. Patricia has won several prizes and awards, including two in Germany. Their modern carpets nowadays provide a lot of discussion and great popularity in the designer world. For this reason, our editorial team would like to give a better overview of the cool products of this designer.

At first glance, you can see a very traditional floor design with a carpet. But at second glance you can see that the design consists of several parts. The small parts form a large decorative piece with many Velcro closures that are almost invisible. Cool, right?

The constant search for a matching carpet for the living room sometimes takes way too long. But it is exactly these modern carpets that allow a practical adaptation in every room. So put an end to the constant search for the perfect carpet for the living room.

Just connect several products together

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Current colors and design in modern carpets

Modern carpets offer a rich selection of colors and cool shapes. The designs are made of two or more shades. It's no secret that the bright colors make your room look bigger. For this reason, the designer Patricia Urquiola has focused on bright colors with white shapes. From a design perspective, you should certainly choose colorful color combinations. Since the individual carpets are rather small, the designer has decided on an item that all her carpets have: white lines! A combination of several colors would be no problem, because the products always have something in common!

Invisible Velcro fasteners ensure a better look

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Modern carpets and their relation to sofas

Elegant sofa covers can reshape a room, as they have a modern look and can be pulled over sofas and couches very conveniently. Now, of course, the question arises, what do modern carpets have to do with it? The good news for you is that these carpets have a multifunctional application. Thanks to the comfortable surface, these decorative pieces are a perfect fit for lounges, sofas and armchairs.

You can spare yourself the search for a mix of sofa covers and modern carpets. A unified design of cool colors is especially important to make us feel comfortable on our sofa. The creative combination of carpets and covers allows an optimal feeling of relaxation at home.

Similar to the carpet construction, the cuddly pieces of decoration are simply pulled over the sofas. You need a double-sided velcro for each carpet to ensure stability. According to statistics, for two- and three-seater approximately four to five carpets are required in the form of sofa sheets. The positioning is planned so that there is a transition effect with the floor design.

Throw pillows can be designed easily

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Now we can safely say that modern carpets are unique compared to traditional products. Use the following picture gallery as a source of inspiration for your next floor design with rugs!

Modern carpets provide attractive floor design

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Orange and invisible Velcro fasteners make for a practical fit

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High comfort in the living room

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The rug is very easily removable

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The products create a festive atmosphere

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Four carpets connected in one

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Cosiness and perfect appearance

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Enjoy the cool carpets with your family

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A design language that makes every room more attractive

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The practical shape offers a lightweight design of sofas

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