Modern table lamps: retro cables offer so many possibilities

A well thought-out light presentation is the alpha and omega for a pleasant living ambience. The claims are always very different. For example, the table lamp provides a targeted light cone where it is needed to work or do homework. Also, in recent years, there is a clear trend towards light-flooded living room design. On the other hand, this article should literally illuminate another area and be less practical, but rather creative: Retro cables with charm and potential are now in focus. The following collection of ideas shows where they are best used.

Modern table lamps: creative all about light.

modern table lamps luminaries hanging lamps

Illustration 1: A coherent picture shows up here. Between the beams and the stone-covered walls, lamps hang from the ceiling. The fabric cable shows a light bulb under the copper-colored lampshade.

Do-it-yourself table lamps

Of course, there is the option to buy a ceiling light in stores, which fits exactly over the dining table and there provides light for eating and playing. The alternative is the do-it-yourself variant. As a holder serves what pleases and what the style of the apartment fits. Cost-effective is the variant, serve in the stable wooden branches as a basic construct. Wrap the textile cable around and the individual lighting is ready. Only slightly more expensive to buy is the bracket model, in which the colored fabric cables just wrapped around it. Done is the ceiling light.

pendant lamps modern table lamps

Figure 2: Retro can be so chic. The lamps are hanging from the ceiling. Fabric cables can be routed through the eyelets of the chain. This is where the area of ​​application can be found in a restaurant, but this design is also conceivable above the table at home.

Who wants to equip the table lamp with an additional function, does not take a single branch as a basic construction, but a plate – made of metal, wood or a piece of pallet, which emphasizes the trendy vintage look. Below the plate, the selected lamps hang either "naked" or surrounded by a glass lampshade, for example from a mason jar. Above the plate, the fabric cables lead to the ceiling. On the plate there is room to drape all sorts of useful things. Depending on the height, there may be napkins, salt and pepper and other useful table utensils. So equipped the table lamp is absolutely WG-suitable.

The reduced version: pure fabric cable

Anyone who wishes to have a reduced lighting version as their leitmotiv can simply hang the fabric cables from the ceiling. Connect bulb. Finished. Due to the differently colored fabric cable, this greatly reduced design variant also has its creative kick. While it is sufficient above the dining table or in the corner of the room in which the reading chair is located to rappel a lamp on the fabric cable from the ceiling, above the dining or living table also hang several lights. It is also particularly smart to guide the fabric cable through a thin teaching tube or a copper tube, which can be bent creatively. So the lighting remains reduced and yet is very artistic to look at.

Natural, Retro or Industrial. The design variety is unlimited

Textile cables are true all-rounders. How they work, decide color and the materials that are combined. In order to achieve the retro look, colorful textile cables are often combined with brass brackets or frames. Also possible: Screw many bulbs in sockets and bind them to a "light ostrich". Also in combination with lampshades in a retro look fabric cables speak the language of yesteryear. Even the very simple version – one, two or three textile cables – braided, knotted, tied to the bow or loosely hanging – are truly in retro-chic.

Cabinet lamps modern table lamps luminous ideas

Figure 3: Also in the outdoor area, for example, as a decoration of a celebration outdoors, the use of fabric cables is possible.

Of course, the lamp will always be when wood, stone or other natural materials are combined. As already mentioned, stable branches are often used as a basic construct of hanging table lamps. But wood logs or wooden discs can also bring a touch of nature into the living room in combination with colorful textile cables. Even a cable Kuddelmuddel around a ball or a shell of branches is conceivable.

In order to create the industrial look, the parts combined with the textile cable should be black, gray or, if possible, industrial. The border from the retro look to the industrial look is flowing. An old lampshade or illuminated, colored glasses can look retro and industrial.

That speaks for the use of textile cables

As the explanations have already shown, fabric cables are a good shopping idea especially for those who work with a lot of creativity. Those who still need sound arguments for textile cables can perhaps be convinced by these parameters:

  • A textile cable consists of two components. The plastic pipe sits inside. Around it is a textile braiding, which is often used in bobbin lace making. These two components also give the textile cord the nickname "Stoffkabel".
  • Textile cables with the right equipment – cord switches and connectors – are available from specialist retailers. The textile cables themselves are available in very different colors. That makes them a style element without much extra effort.
  • In addition to the color of the fabric cable, the choice of the right lamp is crucial. Curved tubes, classic incandescent lamps and their replacement are popular: LEDs. Who buys a lamp should pay attention to energy efficiency. As the light label is to understand, this online guide shows.

hanging lamps modern table lamps cable lamps

Cane lights modern table lamps suspension lights

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Figure 3: © qimono (CC0 Public Domain)

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