Modern wood kitchen: pros and cons and a lot of trendy photos

Modern wood kitchen: pros and cons and a lot of trendy photos

The wooden kitchen is the perfect end to many dream apartments. It radiates warmth and is extremely inviting. This is almost always a bold design decision. A kitchen made of wood appears to be very present in the room and strongly determines the atmosphere in it. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a project? Let’s take a closer look at this topic before you make a final decision!

The wooden kitchen can be designed in a variety of colored shades

Colorful kitchen ideas wood kitchen

Advantages of the wood kitchen

Wood is a timeless material and that is why such a kitchen can be easily integrated into both a modern and a classic apartment. You could also use this as a kind of transition between the different styles in your interior design.

Minimalism and rough design – this combination is very modern when it comes to kitchen ideas made of wood

Gray-brown wooden kitchen idea

Different areas of application of the wooden kitchen

You could have practically all kitchen furniture made out of wood, and that’s one of its greatest advantages. On the one hand, you have an individual kitchen design. You can also achieve a uniform and trendy appearance in the kitchen. In addition, it is easy for you if you want to equip your kitchen with further details in different styles.

A wooden kitchen can weld many different stylistic aspects together

Wooden kitchen - accents in several shades

Inviting and comfortable

If you want a really comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your kitchen, then the wood kitchen would be the best decision for you. Even if you opt for a very trendy, modern design, this kitchen will always remind you of your grandmother’s. So you are on the winning side in many ways.

Wood can just as easily be combined with other materials

Wood kitchen - bar chair ideas - trends

Aging resistance

The wood kitchen is a big investment, but it is also known for its resistance to aging. But if it’s top quality, you shouldn’t worry about the moisture. Thanks to a good surface treatment, the wooden kitchen can stay beautiful for a very long time and keep its perfect appearance.

The wooden kitchen can show a very elegant design

Wooden kitchen - wide, cozy interior

Individual design

The material wood inspires unique design ideas. Even if a certain element doesn’t turn out to be perfect the way you want it, it still looks fabulous. That just comes from the beautiful, individual look of the real wood material. This is sure to result in a great project that reflects your personality!

Use the variety of wood types and their nuances to achieve a contrasting appearance

Wooden kitchen - design combination of white and wood

A diverse character

The colors and grains of the wood could be quite diverse. There is a wide range of colors, from very light to very dark. Therefore, there is also a stylistic variety. The possibilities range from classic, dark to very trendy contemporary styles (this applies to the light variant).

Seamless, neutral kitchen designs are often done out of wood

Wooden kitchen - dark blue and wood - great kitchen ideas

Disadvantages of kitchen design made of wood

The care

Even something as elegant and beautiful as the wooden kitchen naturally has certain disadvantages. They concern first and foremost care. In order for the kitchen to keep its beautiful appearance for many years, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining it. The right surface treatment plays an extremely important role in this. Above all, it is crucial because it restricts the penetration of moisture into the depths of the structure.

Wood can be combined very well with modern materials in metallic colors

Wooden kitchen - an open living plan

High costs

The other major drawback is its high cost. You have to be prepared for a substantial investment, especially if you want to treat yourself to the best quality. Another is just not worth it if you want to benefit from the advantages of the wooden kitchen.

Wooden kitchens look simply spectacular in the context of industrial apartments

Wooden kitchen - eclectic apartment

Let your imagination run wild!

Finally, we would like to point out once again the stylistic diversity of the wooden kitchens. It’s a universal solution in terms of design. This could be seamlessly inscribed in almost all design concepts and even weld together different ones.

A special tip: The wooden kitchen is particularly popular for open living plans. This is due to the great, homely character, which goes wonderfully with multifunctional living spaces.

So feel free in this regard! Let yourself be inspired by the great examples in our picture gallery and find more examples here and here.

In wooden kitchens, even the most subtle accents come into their own

Wooden kitchen - elegance and great design

Wooden kitchens with yellow accents – this is an original and modern design combination

Wooden kitchen - golden wall color for a modern wooden kitchen

Even with a simple design, the wooden kitchen can look upscale and elegant

Wooden kitchen - gray interior design - great ideas

Wooden kitchen - wood in a very light color

Wooden kitchen - wooden ceiling and other great wooden furniture

Wood kitchen - wood kitchen with a very traditional appearance

The varied use of colors allows you to show the diverse aspects of wood

Wooden kitchen - ideas made of wood and great plants

Wooden kitchen - contrast of wood and black plastic surfaces

Wooden kitchen - kitchen in dark brown and gray

Wooden kitchen - kitchen design with trendy storage space

Wood can be paired very well with natural stone and other natural elements

Wooden kitchen - kitchen island with three great chairs

Wooden kitchen with great decorative accents

Wooden kitchen - modern kitchen design - kitchen ideas

Wooden kitchen - modern minimalist wood look

This kitchen design welds the different styles of room design together

Wooden kitchen - neutral color palette in wood and white color

Wooden kitchen - orange and light beige

Wood kitchen - pairs of black and brown

Wooden kitchen - very modern interior - kitchen design

Here we see a kitchen that combines the rustic, minimalist and industrial style

Wooden kitchen - storage space for dishes

Wooden kitchen - great flower decorations for the kitchen

With the right paintwork and surface treatment, you could make the modern wooden kitchen shine

Wood kitchen - great woodworking against various influences

Wooden kitchen - great ideas in gray and wood

Wood kitchen - great industrial interior

The wood accents look particularly charming in a modern kitchen design

Wooden kitchen - great kitchen island made of marble

Wooden kitchen - trendy kitchen with modern storage space ideas

Wooden kitchen - different shades of blue and beige

Wooden kitchen - vintage wooden kitchen in blue color

The combination of wood shades and white surfaces really seems to be particularly functional

Wooden kitchen - white kitchen island with great wooden chairs

Wooden kitchen - contemporary design - current trends

Wooden kitchen with a great lighting concept

Different processed wood surfaces can lead to a particularly exciting kitchen design

Wooden kitchen with nautical elements

Wooden kitchen with a great vintage flair

Wood kitchen - great homely ideas

The nautical color palette wonderfully emphasizes the natural look of the wood

Combination of wood and blue wood kitchen

Combination of different natural materials in a great wooden kitchen

Contrasting design for a modern wooden kitchen

Kitchen island - modern storage space - wooden kitchen

Ornate kitchen design made of wood

Wooden kitchens make the room appear homely, comfortable and warm

Elongated floor plan - modern wooden kitchen

Luminaires in industrial style wooden kitchen

Pendant lights above the wooden kitchen sink

Simple modern interior design - wooden kitchen

Maybe Scandinavian style kitchen ideas would be something for you?

Very bright design for a wooden kitchen

Great idea for a modern wooden kitchen

Trendy elegant design wooden kitchen

Different trendy ideas - wooden kitchen

Homely design - great modern wood kitchen

WunderHolzküche - wooden crockery

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