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Mold in the flowerpot: How to remove and prevent moldy potting soil?

Mold in the flowerpot: How to remove and prevent moldy potting soil?

They have indoor plants and enjoy their green freshness and beauty, but one day they discover that the potting soil has turned a bit white on top. Already you are worried and wondering what that should actually be. No panic! We will answer all your questions and give you some useful tips.

White horse in the flowerpot

Remove mold from the flowerpot and prevent

You're probably dealing with mold in the flower pot. This is a white mold that grows on the surface of houseplants. As a rule, it is a harmless saprophytic fungus.

Although the fungus does not damage the plant, it indicates a problem. This could be overhydration, poor drainage or old or polluted potting soil. All this promotes the growth of the saprophytic fungus, which feeds on the rotting organic matter in the moist soil.

What can be done when the potting soil is moldy?

White horse in flower pot. Shimmer mushrooms. Earth

Below you will find out if you should be worried and how to naturally and safely remove the mold in the flower pot. If you take the following steps, you can be sure that the mold will not return.

Find a sunny location for your houseplants

Mildew in flowerpot Change location

Water your potted plants only once a week

Mold in the flower pot easy-care indoor plants

Wet potting soil may be more moldy

Mold in the flowerpot doing something

Is the moldy soil bad for plants?

The quick answer to this question is no! The white stuff that grows around your potted plants probably will not hurt them. Although you can not always see the mold in the flowerpot, molds are contained in every organic garden mix. In fact, many organic gardeners believe that "living soil" is the ideal environment for mold growth. So it is a sign of life, even if it is not nice.

How bad is the mold for the plant?

White horse in flowerpot potting molds

On the other hand, a saprophyotic mushroom can also be a sign that your plant does not get what it needs from sunlight, air circulation and moisture. The mold could also compete for nutrition with your plant. You have to pay attention to that too.

The right location is important

White horse in the flowerpot. Sunny location

How to remove mold in the flowerpot?

Molds can never be completely eliminated. The truth is that mold spores are a regular part of the soil and usually harmless. The real enemies of your potted plants are heat, humidity and poor ventilation. Under these conditions, mold spores grow and release more spores. Room and potted plants are more frequently affected as they store more moisture. To avoid mold, proceed as follows:

The mold in the flowerpot is actually a harmless saprophytic mushroom

White horse in flowerpot potting soil

Remove mold and add new potting soil

Mildew in flowerpot matching potting soil

The first step is the removal of the white horse.

  • It is best to wear a respirator.
  • Scrape off mold and discard the affected pieces of soil.
  • Lightly sprinkle the ground with ground cinnamon.

Cinnamon aldehyde, the material that gives cinnamon its special taste and fragrance, acts as a perfect natural fungicide and prevents mold infestation.

Earth, compost and some cinnamon

Transplant mold in flowerpot

Extra tip: Try to spread the cinnamon evenly and remember that only a thin layer of it is needed. Only water the plant when the upper two centimeters of the earth dry.

New life for your potted plants

Meadow in flowerpot transplant potting soil indoor plant

What else can one do to prevent mold in the flowerpot?

The following steps can help prevent mold from being created:

  • Never leave the pots in water-filled saucers for more than 5 minutes.
  • Place plants in sunlight or strong artificial light to help them dry.

Air and sun play an important role

White horse in flowerpot potted plants

If you see mold, set the plant outside for a day to expose it to natural light and fresh air. When you bring the plant back inside, choose a new location that is a bit sunnier and breezier.

You can also transplant the plant into a larger pot, but make sure that the pot has several drainage holes.

Pouring can also be harmful

Mildew in flowerpot Planting houseplants Mold in the flowerpot houseplants care

Is it safe to use old, moldy potting soil?

Sometimes you can not use the whole bag of potting soil at once and then mold the rest of the earth. Can you still use the potting soil in this case?

Molds are a sign that the earth is alive

White horse in the flowerpot. Garden and landscaping. Earth

If you transplant, plant or just replenish potting soil, the answer is yes. Before using the soil, simply mix the contents of the bag and remove the moldy potting soil. You can also add some fresh compost. Let the earth lie outside for a day or two.

When repotting mold is not so bad

Mold in flowerpot Remove mold and prevent

On the other hand, if you plan to sow seeds, you should not use moldy potting soil as the mold competes with the seedlings for nutrients.

Enjoy the beauty of the flowering houseplants

Mold in flowerpot flowering houseplants

Is the mold in the flowerpot dangerous to us, humans?

The mold in the flowerpot is not particularly dangerous for humans. But if you are extremely sensitive to mold, you should not take any risks. There is little possibility that the mold spores trigger allergic reactions.

Moldy potting soil is not harmful, but it does not necessarily have to be

Meadow in the flowerpot Garden plants Container plantsMold in the flower pot bucket clay bucket

Overall, the mold in the flower pot is very easy to handle. Our only advice is to avoid the use of vinegar. Molds can survive the acidity, but probably not the roots of your plant! Cinnamon is a much safer and more effective option.

Now you know what you can do against moldy potting soil

White horse in the flowerpot

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