More than 50 ideas for modern garden benches for outdoor use 2020

More than 50 ideas for modern garden benches for outdoor use 2020

The little things can be a big plus or a big shortcoming for otherwise perfect garden projects. It makes a huge difference whether you have enough seats out there in the countryside or not. In summer you can quickly buy one or more modern garden benches or make them yourself. This could help you enjoy the rest of the warm days more intensely. We would like to help you with our inspirational ideas. At the same time, we want to work with you to find out what is currently considered modern in terms of garden furniture.

Creative elements make the garden bench a highlight in the garden

Wooden bench - great ideas for the garden bench

Modern garden benches like a work of art

The modern garden bench should usually look very original. It doesn’t necessarily show a contemporary design, but it is an exciting accent that is ideally inscribed in the general garden design. So it is very trendy to add a surprise element to the design of a garden bench. This task was wonderfully solved with the two wheels on the wooden bench above.

Stylish and cozy – this can also be achieved with a DIY project

Blue design - a beautiful garden bench

A homemade garden bench with a homely design

The home-made garden furniture is becoming more and more modern over time. They allow you to develop your own very creative ideas. In recent years their design has also become more and more homely, comfortable and convenient. Because of the rough character of the combined elements above, you have achieved exactly this effect! That would be a great inspiration for those skilled in the art who want to add a Mediterranean touch to the garden.

A modern garden set in a trendy color would also be ideal

Three different garden ideas - garden bench

Garden bench sets with a very creative look

Don’t just provide seating, but a comfortable seating concept. Decide on several garden benches that complement each other wonderfully in a creative way. This allows you to create a zone of relaxation and entertainment within your lovely garden or green balcony.

Find a style in the design that is consistent with the general atmosphere of your garden

Corner in a garden - great idea - garden bench

Wooden garden benches with organic shapes

The wooden garden benches, which show elegant and harmonious organic shapes, are also very popular. They are ideal for the natural gardens, which have also become very topical. With their fabulous shapes, they will simply “disappear” in nature and become invisible, so to speak. In the picture below you can see a design that makes the garden bench and table look like an extension of the tree.

The organic style is very popular in the design of the garden benches

A central piece in the garden garden bench

Garden benches in bright colors

The next example is decidedly contemporary. This garden bench shows an original futuristic shape and eye-catching color scheme. In this urban green area, it serves as a strong decorative accent. You could just as easily achieve the same effect in the garden or forecourt. Such a garden bench would create an invigorating contrast to the surrounding green plants.

The garden bench can be used to set a bright accent in the outdoor area

A bench in the color pink Garden bench

Multifunctional garden benches

The garden benches, which fulfill various functions in the interior, are also very modern. You can see one in our example below this text. It is very comfortable to sit on, but also serves as a plant bed. You can find such examples below in our picture gallery, which we have put together for you in this article.

Multifunctional garden benches are extremely modern

Functional design - modern garden bench

What actually makes a garden bench modern?

What are modern garden benches anyway? As I said at the beginning, they should first and foremost be individual and suitable for your own living concept. In a beautiful garden, you should continue to correspond in terms of design with the interior and not just with the outside area. In addition, the design of modern garden benches is very often characterized by the creative combination of different materials and multifunctionality.

We wish you a relaxing summer and hope that you will find something suitable for yourself among our examples!

Another bright accent in the garden in the form of a garden bench

A beautiful red garden bench

Luxury garden benches are a good investment

Garden bench - view of a beautiful city

Another great modern idea for garden benches and seats

Garden bench - colorful garden bench ideas

Garden bench - very modern design

Garden bench - very nice swing

Garden bench - bench garden bench

Comfortable garden benches give the garden or courtyard a closed character

Garden bench - great bars on the floor

Garden bench - great exposure in the evening

Garden bench - great fire in the middle

Garden bench - everything made of stone

A garden bench can be extremely contemporary and functional at the same time

Garden bench excellent garden design

Garden bench - a bench made of stone

Garden bench - earth and a beautiful garden bench

Garden bench - garden bench idea

The beautiful modern garden benches make the ambience particularly comfortable

Garden bench gray modern design

Garden bench - wooden bench - great idea and a floor

Garden bench - children on the garden bench

Garden bench metal round

Here is another artful and practical idea for bench

Garden bench - round design on the tree

Garden bench - umbrellas and beds

Garden bench - very long garden bench idea

Garden bench - very nicely integrated

Garden bench bench - great round idea

An ingenious design for the city garden, don’t you think?

Garden bench steps brilliant idea

Garden bench - terrace with nice seating furniture

Garden bench - great terrace in the garden

Garden bench - wonderful view from the terrace

Geometric design - beautiful garden bench

Intelligently designed benches like this in the city garden also save space

Wooden design garden bench

Wood idea - a garden bench

Wood and pink design garden bench

Luxury, modernity and nature for the interior

Indoor and outdoor space - great garden bench

Complete relaxation - a beautiful garden bench

Metal and wood - great ideas - garden bench

Modern seat - a great idea - garden bench

Rough wood - a very nice idea garden bench

Take a look at this modern space-saving idea!

Very nice lighting - garden bench

very nice and modern garden bench

Very nice lawn - garden bench ideas

Very great installation from a garden bench

Modern benches can be made from a wide variety of materials

Great idea for a wonderful garden bench

Great bench on the balcony garden bench

wonderful sea view - garden bench

contemporary source of inspiration garden bench

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