NEFF kitchen appliances: Innovation is very important – just like NEFF

NEFF kitchen appliances: Innovation is very important – just like NEFF

It is the oldest kitchen appliance brand in Europe: NEFF. Due to its long history, the Baden company has always been considered an innovative thought leader in the field of kitchen equipment. In terms of their design, but also in terms of their functionality, NEFF kitchen appliances pursue one goal above all: to make cooking, baking and washing up easier than ever. So that the experience of numerous amateur and professional chefs can be optimally designed, the extensive product range is constantly being expanded with new functions. So it’s no wonder that NEFF repeatedly takes the top places in product tests with their kitchen appliances. As is well known, “Made in Germany” stands for quality and the NEFF devices are no exception in this context: Innovation comes first.

NEFF kitchen appliances: Innovation is very important – just like NEFF

NEFF kitchen appliances: starting up, aiming and sinking

The variety of functions is already noticeable in the different names: Slide & Hide®, CircoTherm® and ComfortFlex are just a few of the titles of the oven features. Behind it there is a retractable oven door that makes handling much easier, a ventilation system that is supposed to prevent the mixing of smells and aromas and pull-outs that allow the baking tray to be grasped from the side. These seemingly inconspicuous subtleties have a major impact on the user experience – small details that you don’t want to miss anymore once you’ve got to know them.

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Similar to the numerous oven features, it looks with the induction hobs of the manufacturer. However, it’s not just the subtleties that create the wow factor. Models of the FlexInduction series allow the user to freely position the pots and pans. The surface automatically adapts to the dimensions of the cookware, which also benefits energy consumption. In addition, induction hobs from NEFF have the integration of an extractor hood. This not only leaves the field of vision free, but also creates an unusual design from a visual point of view.

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Equipment that convinces

For the sometimes higher-priced devices, however, you also get an extensive package in return, which convinces in detail. Anyone who would like to get an idea of ​​the variety of products and functions of NEFF kitchen appliances is cordially invited to the 2,500 m² kitchen exhibition by Möbel Preiss in Kastellaun, where more than 120 model kitchens await you. You can also find more information on NEFF kitchen appliances on the homepage.

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