Neo Mint color – one of the hottest color trends for 2020

Neo Mint color – one of the hottest color trends for 2020

The Neo Mint color is one of the latest color trends this year and it will certainly stay that way for the next few months. It is one of the five trendy shades that have established themselves as such this year through WGSN (Worth Global Style Network). On the one hand there is the color of technology and on the other hand – nature and utopian optimism. The other big advantage is the universal nature of Neo Mint paint, which is what makes it popular. It used to be that feminine shades dominated the interior design for a couple of months. The Neo Mint color can look very bright in some variants. However, this will not be the case in 2020, because at the moment the pastel nuances generally dominate.

Set accents in modern green shades in the interior

Mint green kitchen design kitchen decoration

Who is the Neo Mint color suitable for?

Would you like to counteract the negative mood around you? Do you believe that technology and science can turn our dream homes into reality? These beliefs are conveyed through the Neo Mint color in your home. On a purely psychological level, the Neo Mint color promotes the belief that one can turn one’s desires into reality. This color also evokes associations with air and water. This makes the interior look livelier and fresher. So it’s the perfect choice if you want to feel younger and more alive.

A Neo Mint accent in the wall design could look like this

Mint green masculine design

What does the Neo Mint color express?

Let’s get you a little more familiar with the character of the Neo Mint color. This will surely help you when using it at home. Neo Mint is quite similar to Seafoam Green. Seafoam combines the green with the blue shade. Pairing the two types of green could result in the gorgeous flowing ombre effect. Both colors stand for freshness, but with Neo Mint it comes from the association with the air or fresh water and with Seafoam – from this with the sea.

Here is a modern and original choice for bedding

Mint green elegant living ideas

The dominance of green colors since 2017

They have dominated interior design since 2017, when Pantone Green declared Millennial the color of the year. In addition to this, many other shades of green have also gained importance. The vegetable nuances are those that dominate, such as the garden sage, the mint, and the pistachio. The celadon green was also particularly popular. The modern shades like Neo Mint Green and Seafoam Green represent a high point of this trend. They combine a feeling for nature with a belief in the positive role technology plays in our lives.

Mint color in the interior also goes well with the minimalist design

Mint green great decoration for the interior

Tips for using Neo Mint Green in interior design

The mint color can be the main theme in your interior design. If you have a garden or green environment, this could break the boundaries between the inside and the outside. All kinds of garish shades such as pink, red or orange can be used as accents as soon as they have been executed in a pastel or other muted variant. The Neo Mint color itself can serve as an accent. It can be combined very nicely with brown-gray, for example.

Here we see a great, contrasting design with mint green and muted pink

Bright color and green wall design mint green

Neo Mint Green emphasizes the beauty of the retro furniture in this room

Mint green - great kitchen furnishings

Another high-contrast variant for the interior design with the Neo Mint color

Mint green - cozy interior decoration ideas

Do you fancy a retro design with the fresh radiance of the Neo Mint color

Mint green retro design

This sofa makes the otherwise quite feminine design look very neutral

Mint green great ideas for interior decoration

Textiles are a good strategy for introducing modern colors into interior design

Mint green great textures

Mint green vintage interior

Mint green living room ideas

Mint green living room interior

The Neo Mint color combines modernity and nature

Neo mint green furniture design

Pink deco bedroom mint green

Bedroom design mint green

This is a great shade for weddings too

great wedding ideas mint green

Great wall design mint green

Here are design illustrations with other modern green nuances!

Seafoam Green

good seafoam very modern decoration ideas

seafoam bedroom ideas great

great modern seafoam living room decor

Celadon green

celadon ideas living room design

celadon ceramics great

Garden sage design ideas

Garden sage ideas design creation


pistachio living room ideas

great design living room ideas pistachios

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