Nursery decoration with clouds – 5 tips and practical examples!

What does the perfect nursery decoration look like? What kind of theme would fit in? This should create very positive associations and be child friendly and universal. And maybe something to stimulate the creativity and cosmopolitanism of the little ones. In such an ambience your children will surely grow up very healthy and in a good mood. The theme "Clouds" probably fits all these criteria. It could be a bit too easy or boring, though. Or it could become an optimal and exciting choice. The latter works if you follow our tips and take the best of the examples shown.

Cloud pattern in current color would be a perfect idea for the nursery decoration

cloud with a message nursery decor

The cloud as a single motif

The cloud is a beautiful and very strong symbol in itself. In many fairy tales and children's films one tells of the journey on a cloud in the blue sky. So you could use the cloud as its main theme for the wall decoration. For a stronger effect, you can experiment with different colors. The yellow-green shade from the example above is not the most natural. However, this looks very positive and modern, especially with the great font to welcome you to the new day.

Such a neutral wall wallpaper is child-friendly and modern at the same time

white and gray children's room decoration

Textiles in the form of clouds

Everything in the nursery should have a very original character. That would encourage creativity and a pleasant atmosphere. Everything should have something unusual about it – even the textiles and carpets. Especially the carpets, because the little ones like to sit and play on the floor. Look at the next picture, how great that looks. Especially if you choose such a cuddly and soft texture as in this example.

Thanks to a carpet in the form of a cloud as a nursery decoration, the little ones will feel like in the sky

carpet in the form of a cloud nursery decor

nursery decor clouds on the carpet

Decorative pillows in the form of clouds

Decorative pillows are very important for the nursery decoration. Especially for the modern ones, where you can achieve a seamless appearance through neutral colors and straight lines. The interior design in black and white does not seem too adult, if you bring in dreamlike and kid-friendly motifs. And you do that very well with the help of decorative pillows or similar accessories. In the picture below you can see a very successful and simple but effective solution – hanging throw pillows on the wall. Also practical is this decoration idea. The children can play or be distracted with this pillow.

Cloud pillow for wall design is a very universal idea
stylish design nursery decor

Shelves in the form of clouds

Time and again we have emphasized that it is very important to adapt the so-called "adult" trends to the mood in the nursery. So you use the innovations of the design for the well-being of your own children. In addition, the little ones develop a current sense of style. That's what most little kids will need more than you think. Multifunctionality is another important trend. The shelves in the form of clouds do justice to this.

Cloud shelves bring the little ones at the same time aesthetics and practical thinking!

nursery decor small clouds on the wall

There are several matching interpretations of this great nursery deco

children's room deco children's idea

This shelf with cloud decoration is more for adults

nursery decor bookcase - great idea

Be creative with the familiar themes

Our last tip is a bit more general: it can not only refer to the clouds, but many different motives. Again, it's about avoiding boredom, which we mentioned at the beginning. If you take such a well-known symbol as the cloud, you must find an original and exciting way to introduce it into the nursery decoration. That's the only way to show it off the good side. The above ideas are typical practices that can always work. And our great pictures show variations of these and some more ideas.

Also for a mobile the nursery decoration with clouds would be ideal

nursery decor hanging clouds

The black design is suitable for children when there are clouds for the nursery decoration
black white design nursery decor

female and neutral at the same time ikea shelves

nursery decor black white deco pillow

The clouds can be wonderfully combined with other types of decoration in the nursery
Children's room decor blue background
nursery decor blue wall design
Nursery decor wallpaper with clouds

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