Owls carpet in the nursery ensures radiant children's eyes and not only!

Owl carpet in the nursery makes children’s eyes shine and not only!

The furnishing of the children’s room is done with a lot of love by the parents, because they only want the best for their offspring! In addition to child-friendly furniture, the choice of colors and decorations is also very important in order to create a particularly cozy and play-inviting atmosphere in the children’s room. In our opinion, the children’s carpet is an important part of the overall design of the children’s room. This not only enhances and complements the room furnishings, but also has a more important function. The children’s room carpet offers a warming play surface and is therefore a preventive measure against colds. The risk of injury is much smaller than playing on the bare floor. And the carpet also has an advantage for parents and neighbors, namely that it serves as a wonderful noise insulation. Since the selection of carpets for children’s rooms is huge, we give you a specific proposal – owl carpets. Read on to find out why you should choose this one and what to consider when buying!

Owls carpet in the nursery ensures radiant children's eyes and not only!

Owl rug for the nursery

Owl motifs have been very popular with children, both girls and boys, for some time. This year, too, they remain very current and sought-after. Here we allow ourselves to add something worth knowing for parents: The owl symbolizes wisdom, intellect and enlightenment. This is how you fulfill an “unconscious” wish of your child. The colored owl motifs on the carpet attract the child’s attention and invite them to play and run around. In addition, the owl plays an important role in many stories and children’s books and the combination with other animals arouses the interest of the little ones even more. The numerous models and motif combinations allow you to find the right carpet for your child and the furnishings in their room. You can get a foretaste on the Internet and even order the best owl rug online.

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It is important to note …

In order to choose a quality carpet for the children’s room, you should pay attention to a few criteria.

  • The material – Children’s carpets should be made from durable synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polypropylene and wool or cotton. All of these are heat-insulating, robust and easy to care for. The polypropylene carpet is even suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Pollution and allergies – The children’s carpet must be odorless and free from harmful substances. This guarantees the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 mark. Dust accumulation and house dust mites within the textile fabric can trigger allergies in children. That is why you choose a carpet with a short pile.
  • The back coating – If you plan to lay out the children’s carpet on a smooth floor surface, it should have a non-slip embossing on the back. Otherwise, think about an anti-slip mat in advance so that your little ones can play in the children’s room without accidents.
  • The cleaning – The ease of cleaning mostly depends on the material and the fabric of the carpet. All of the above materials are easy to care for and stains are easily removed with a damp cloth. Stubborn stains should be treated with a product suitable for children. Furthermore, the daily vacuum cleaning is to be carried out as usual.

Treat your child and why not yourself with an owl rug for the nursery. Think of all the important points when buying and choose the most beautiful children’s carpet!

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