Paint tiles and create "new freshness" – tips and instructions

Painting tiles and providing “new freshness” – tips and instructions

Do you have old tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen that are in perfect condition, but unfortunately look a bit boring and outdated? But you don’t want to buy new tiles and save yourself all the renovation stress? Of course there is another option and that is to paint the old tiles! For this you need a special tile lacquer in the desired color, precise instructions and time to do this yourself.

Paint tiles instead of laying them again

Paint tiles and create "new freshness" – tips and instructions

What do you need to paint tiles

No prior craftsmanship is actually required to paint tiles. So that the paint application is perfect, you need a primer and top coat. Both should be based on epoxy resin. The epoxy resin lacquers consist of lacquer and hardener that are mixed and thoroughly stirred. Working with it should be quick. There are now special tile lacquer sets in hardware stores that contain everything you need.

Tip: This idea is more of a good solution for wall tiles, because floor tiles are subject to special loads and their processing is much more durable.

Follow the instructions step by step

DIY projects painting tiles

The instructions for painting tiles

Step 1: As annoying as it may seem, the tiles should first be cleaned thoroughly. Use a soap solution and add a little vinegar. Check the tiles and joints for cracks and small holes and repair them with grout. With a sharp knife, cut out the silicone joints, if there are any, because they cannot be painted over. Fittings and sockets should be removed. If these are difficult to unscrew, tape them off carefully. Check again whether there is any dirt or glue residue left.

Step 2: Some tile varnishes require the tile surface to be roughened before painting. You should therefore read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully. Use a classic sandpaper or, even better, abrasive fleece and roughen the tiles evenly. Then remove the sanding dust from the tiles with a damp microfiber cloth and allow to dry well.

Roughen the tiles with sandpaper

painting tiles renovating the bathroom

Thoroughly clean sanding dust

bathroom renovation painting tiles

Step 3: Now the primer (if necessary) is applied evenly and quickly to the tiles with a fine foam roller. Depending on the time indicated on the packaging, this should dry between 16 and 24 hours.

Tip: Prepare several foam rolls, because the preparations they contain can attack them and make changing them necessary.

Step 4: After everything has dried well, the first layer of tile varnish is applied. Use a hard, closed-cell foam roller for this. Once the lacquer has been mixed, it should be used quickly as it hardens after a few hours. Make sure that it is applied evenly. The drying time here is usually 12 hours, but again follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply the tile varnish quickly

painting tiles cleaning tiles

Step 5: Apply the second coat of paint quickly with a new roller. The second layer of varnish ensures that even dark tiles are well covered. But if you still don’t get the result you want, you can apply a third one after this layer has hardened. Let the whole thing dry well, preferably up to 3 days.

Step 6: Finally, mount the fittings and sockets again. Go through bumps and corners, for example on the sink and bathtub with sanitary silicone. You can now set off the joints with grout white or another color.

Another tip: If you live to rent, you should discuss this step with your landlord beforehand and even give them written approval.

Now you have given the old tiles a new design without having to lay them again!

Make sure you add beautiful accents too

delete painting renovate house

Touch up holes with grout

kitchen renovation painting tiles

Take down faucets, sockets and clean the tiles well

cleaning tiles painting tiles

Pick a current trend color

modern tile color painting tiles

Freshen up your kitchen with a new coat of paint

painting tiles diy projects

Secure the sockets

painting tiles renovating the kitchen

Think of beautiful patterns

creative handicraft ideas painting tiles

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