Parquet instead of carpet – you should know this before renovating

Parquet instead of carpet – you should know this before renovating

The characteristics of the parquet

A parquet floor not only looks very cozy and comfortable, but housewives and housemen will be happy about it. Because once a parquet floor has been laid, it is extremely easy to care for, if the manufacturer’s instructions are observed. Simply add the appropriate care product to the water, wring out the cloth well and wipe through. There is nothing more to do and your floor will be sparkling clean. Once the parquet has been laid, you will have a lot of fun with it and this type of flooring simply fits in with any interior. Parquet refines the room and gives it a particularly warm ambience. Anyone who has pets will particularly appreciate the advantages of a parquet floor. Because animal hair can be removed quickly and easily, which ensures hygiene and cleanliness. By the way, parquet is also perfect for underfloor heating.

The characteristics of carpets and carpets

There are hand-knotted and industrially manufactured carpets and many of them look really good too. But in contrast to parquet floors, which are easy to maintain, carpets are much more time-consuming. After all, carpets are real dust catchers and stains that have formed are difficult or impossible to remove. In addition, carpets or carpets that have been bought may no longer match the new furnishings. So if you want to change your furnishing style from time to time, you might have to buy matching rugs or carpets again and again. Unfortunately, the number of allergy sufferers is also increasing, so that doctors urgently advise against laying carpets or existing carpets have to be removed permanently.

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Think carefully before renovating

So if you want to renovate your house or apartment, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of the possible floor coverings. But this decision will be very easy for you, as parquet floors have numerous advantages over carpets. By the way, not only adults love the homely and cozy properties of parquet floors, but children too. Finally there is no more stress when there is a little sand on your shoes or when the dog is played around the house. Visitors will also be happy if they no longer have to take off their shoes at the front door because the carpeting has to be protected. The parquet floors of today are relatively insensitive in contrast to those of earlier times, which had to be sealed after they were laid.

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Install parquet floors yourself or have them installed

If you would like to have parquet in your home, you can install it yourself or have it installed by a specialist company. In any case, it is important to have the right surface, because you shouldn’t just start. Specialized companies such. B. take care of all the work, but they are also happy to give do-it-yourselfers important tips for self-installation. Parquet floors are not only available in different colors, but also in different laying patterns. As a customer, you can, for example, choose between laying types such as ship floor, herringbone, cube parquet or panel parquet. Now you are spoiled for choice, because every type of installation has its own charm. One might fit better in a hallway and the next better in the living room. You can only wish a lot of fun with the new parquet floor!

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