Patchwork armchairs are experiencing a comeback in modern interior design

Are you a fan of shabby chic, hippie chic, vintage or boho style? From seductively unique decorations and pieces of furniture that express your love of originality in the interior as an instant eye-catcher? Then a patchwork armchair is just the right choice for you. This handmade piece of furniture is in high demand and brings joy to your home with vivid colors and exceptional textures and patterns. The patchwork armchair provides a very refreshing sense of well-being and relaxation with its colorful touch. Especially during fall and winter depressions, this colorful chair can bring a little summer feeling to your home. We will show you some practical examples of how to effectively stage the patchwork chair.

Totally worn out and abstract – you'll never get bored with this patchwork armchair

Patchwork armchair alice in wonderland inspired colorful and abstract

Sewn together from many different pieces of fabric with different textures and damask

Patchwork armchair made of old pullovers and other fabric fancy abstract

History of patchwork textile manufacturing

It's hard to tell who and when exactly patchwork invented. The earliest records were found some 5000 years ago in Egyptian tombs and in China. The true heyday of European craftsmanship did not take place until the late 17th and early 18th century. It was an advantageous way to consume fabric waste or to extend the life of the clothing by patching.

Technological improvements in textile manufacturing led patchwork in the late 18th century into a fashionable phase of using printed cotton, linen and silk fabrics. For those who could afford it, expensive and high quality printed fabric was often pieced together using the mosaic patchwork method to make vests, bedding, sofa covers, hats and even doll clothes.

Patchworking was a hobby for many housewives in the 18th century

Patchwork armchair story of patchwork textile manufacture

Today, designers are successfully applying antique patchwork ideas to modern interiors and finding new creative ways to use them in contemporary decor.

Today patchwork furniture is developed by designers

Patchwork armchair colorful and extravagant living room

This patchwork armchair looks almost like an abstract painting

Patchwork armchair geometric and modern home interior

What exactly is a patchwork armchair and how can it serve as a practical decoration object in your own home

Each Patchwork armchair, with its intentional deviation from the original, is an absolutely unique piece of art and therefore always carries a personal touch with it. Finally, patchwork means blending different fabrics with individual textures, patterns and damasks that are first cut into pieces of different sizes and then stitched together again in different coherence.

The colorful armchair brings life to this neutral home decor and is the real eye-catcher

Patchwork armchair skandi minimalist with accent

Exactly this mixture of different styles makes the Patchwork chair just as universal. A piece of furniture that has been sewn together from dynamically colored pieces, for example, fits spectacularly into the richly contrasting retro, Moroccan or Mediterranean style. Subtle pastel colors and elegant natural patterns, however, more to the Scandinavian, vintage and shabby chic style. Each composition is unique, expressive and fascinating. However, extended families or families with small children should look for more durable, sturdy fabrics such as natural leather or even denim to avoid staining and other damage.

Typical Moroccan furnished reading area with lots of colorful decorations

Patchwork armchair boho style with stool colorful yellow wall

Oriental boho living room for relaxing meditations

Patchwork armchair boho style living room colorful

Patchwork armchair oriental colorful boho style modern

Vintage and feminine with many floral elements

Patchwork armchair shabby chic vintage style

Patchwork armchair from old jeans? Why not?

Patchwork armchair denim jeans material

Let your patchwork chair play the main role in the interior and avoid the confluence of colors and designs that distract attention. The rest of the furnishings should be neutral and minimalist. Dark walls are particularly effective as a background as they emphasize the bright colors of the patchwork patterns.

Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"

Patchwork armchair alice in wonderland inspired vintage clock

Even made of leather pieces

Patchwork leather armchair modern vintage

Dark background highlights the colorful colors of the patchwork

Patchwork Armchair fancy floor lamp colorful and modern

Consider additional patchwork throw pillows. Especially worthwhile if your patchwork armchair is not part of a set and only serves as an accent. These throw pillows are then not on the armchair, but on the other seating. Also experiment with tablecloths, carpets and even lampshades or plush animals with patchwork patterns. Always keep in mind the balance between the individual colors and moods that they produce. Thus, your patchwork armchair inevitably becomes the focal point in every room and is a real conversation starter. Bring joy and colorful summer mood into your own home.

The patchwork can be found in small details such as lamp decoration and table legs again

Patchwork armchair modern and minimalist vintage hanging lamp

Decorative objects made of wood and other natural materials are typical of the Skandi style

Patchwork armchair skandi style living room with stool

The industrial workroom would look very boring without this color injection

Patchwork armchair for workroom office office

Whether this chair is as comfortable as colorful?

Patchwork armchair extravagant shape of the rest boho style oriental

Patchwork armchair in hallway vintage retro old wood

Patchwork armchair small chair vintage retro

Pastel colors are typical for shabby chic

Patchwork armchair shabby chic vintage pastel colors

Retro and amusing

Patchwork armchair vintage retro large floor lamp

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