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S.When the first warm rays of sun tickle my nose in spring, my fingers tingle. The balcony is waiting to get its spring update. I usually start well before the ice saints (this year from May 11th to 15th). The farmer’s rule says that it can freeze again during the ice saints, but global warming says otherwise. We have been spared by the ice saints for the past 2 years. And even a few years ago, I often used my balcony April planted like spring. This is exactly what today’s post “Planting the balcony in springtime” is all about.

Spring update for the balcony with spring flowers and cosiness
Saxifrage, tulips, forget-me-nots

Many plants overwinter on my roof terrace and only bloom in late spring or summer. So that I can also enjoy the blooms in spring, annual spring bloomers can also move in. When choosing flowers, I choose different plants every year. I mostly stroll through my favorite nursery and get inspiration there. This year I discovered a plant that was new to me, the Schöterich. 150 species are distributed in the northern hemisphere. With its bright orange, it immediately puts a smile on your face. This variety is called Siberian gold lacquer. It not only smells wonderful, but also attracts insects.

Spring update for the balcony
Saxifrage and forget-me-not

I combined the Siberian gold lacquer with saxifrage, forget-me-nots, tulips and a Nordic man’s shield. However, they all bloom white. So the gold lacquer remains the eye-catcher among the spring flowers. In addition, there is a Moroccan daisy in this Zinc watering can moved in. Not only flower boxes are suitable for spring bloomers. Especially old watering cans can be wonderfully planted and are an eye-catcher on the balcony or in the garden.

Accessories for the balcony to be planted in springtime
Step 1 Planting the balcony in springtime: cover the bottom of the balcony box with stones or expanded clay
Step 2 Planting the balcony in springtime: Fill the balcony box about halfway with potting soil


  • Depending on the space available, several flower boxes
  • Stones or expanded clay as drainage for the soil
  • good potting soil, see planting tips below
  • Garden shovel
  • Gardening gloves
  • Spring bloomer


  1. With Stones or expanded clay cover the bottom of the planter. With this drainage, the water can run off faster and mold is avoided.
  2. Put enough potting soil on the drainage that the plants can still fit into the flower box and about 1 cm of edge remains at the top.
  3. Put in the spring flowers and fill up all around with soil. Press the earth down a little with your fingers. The flower boxes should be filled with soil to just below the upper edge. Finally, water well.
  4. The spring planted flower box is ready!

Step 3: Plant the balcony in springtime: insert the plants, fill with potting soil and water
The flower box is ready!


  • Do not use the cheapest potting soil. I always choose peat-free potting soil made from renewable raw materials. This ensures structure improvement, better ventilation, root formation and moisture absorption and thus ensures harmonious growth and a lush flowering of the plants. The price for 40 liters is around 8-10 EUR.
  • If possible, buy flower boxes with holes so that the irrigation water can drain away. In plant boxes without holes, holes can be drilled using a drill.
  • For a lush display of flowers, the spring bloomers can be planted close together in the balcony box. That makes a lot more than if, for example, there are only 2 plants in a box.
  • If you like things as simple as I do, you can only plant a maximum of 3 different varieties in 2 colors in one box.
  • In summer temperatures, remember that the flowers are watered regularly. This is best tested if you stick a finger in the potting soil. If the potting soil is wet, you don’t need any water. If the potting soil is dry, it must be watered. Keep in mind that too much water can damage plants. It is best to always test it beforehand.
  • When buying, pay attention to which location the plants thrive best. For example, many plants do not like blazing sun.
  • Several flower boxes filled with spring flowers look more than just 1 or 2 flower boxes.

Plant the balcony in springtime
Spring update for the balcony with spring flowers and cosiness

So that Zinc tubs come into their own with the spring flowers, I have draped them on different levels in a corner of my roof terrace. For example, there are tray tables or small ones Side tables well suited. I also used the edge of the zinc pot that my olive tree is in.

Spring update for the balcony with spring flowers


Spring is the right time to whip up the balcony. This is how you let your balcony shine in new splendor:

  • Depending on the floor, clean, vacuum or wipe it with a broom
  • Clean windows and wipe frames
  • Clear cobwebs from walls
  • Wash removable seat cushion covers
  • Clean the railing with soapy water

Plant the balcony with spring flowers
Watering can planted with Moroccan skimmers


In summer temperatures you can use the balcony or the roof terrace as a great second living room. So that it gets really cozy, I’ll tell you my favorite decoration ideas:

  • A Outdoor carpet brings the living room feeling outside.
  • Various pillow and Cover distributed on the outdoor sofa ensure comfort.
  • To save space, you can use the coffee table When the weather is nice, take it with you from inside to outside.
  • Lanterns or Lanterns ensure a cozy atmosphere even in the dark. I have mine to match the pillow Pillar candles in rust color equipped.
  • The battery of solar fairy lights can be accommodated in the plant boxes. They provide additional light in the dark.

Moroccan daisies in watering can
Spring update for the balcony

I hope you enjoyed my little spring update for the balcony.

Then let’s start planting and decorating!

Your Nadine

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