Practical shelving system and its advantages in the interior – pegboard

Practical shelving system and its advantages in the interior – pegboard

Nowadays we know millions of models of shelves and the designer world is always presenting new alternatives of different pieces of furniture that can make our everyday lives easier. After the last article on the current pegboards, we looked at the practical advantages of various pieces of furniture. Now we will introduce you to the other side of the practical shelving system, namely the beautiful look, which is perfect for any interior design. Many other advantages of the current shelving systems models will definitely surprise you!

A great pleasure with the practical shelf systems

Ideas pegboard practical use

Use a pegboard as a decorative element?

In the article about pegboards, we have repeatedly focused on the practical use of this type of shelving system. But they can also deliver a shapely look if you choose a suitable color palette and position correctly. Many families only use the shelving system for various decorative elements such as pictures, vintage objects or accessories.

Pegboards are one of the most popular shelving systems, and not without good reason. As a rule, it is a multifunctional shelf that can be used as a wall design, decorative element and individualized shelf system at the same time.

The traditional pegboards create a natural look

wood design shelving system

Let’s start with the first positive point, namely the wall decoration. The wooden panels of the pegboard can be made to your own taste and this means that the color, height and thickness are individually designed. So some pegboards can form an entire wall design in any room. The small holes not only provide an attractive look, but also serve as protection for the walls. The holes that you drill or have to drill in the wall from time to time can be conveniently hidden and replaced by the pegboard. In this way you protect the wall surface and ensure better positioning of the decorative elements.

Many office designs place value on this shelving system

create office design with pin board

The product selection of the breadboard consists of different materials and colors. The aluminum pegboards are usually offered in cool colors and are very easy to color. This means that you can get a look you want with the help of color sprays. More and more families are coloring the pegboards in bright colors and positioning these decorative pieces in the living room, children’s room or in the kitchen. In contrast to the aluminum panels, the original wooden pegboards can be stylishly combined with interior fittings with a natural look.

If you have still not decided on a suitable variant, we have put together a selection of different shelving systems especially for you in the following picture gallery. Get inspiration from the pegboards and design a shelving system according to your individual taste!

A practical idea for every housewife

Ideas pegboard designs practical use

A must for the hallway

Tips breadboard made of wood look shelving system

Every family wants practical kitchen equipment

Tips breadboard wooden shelving system

Shelving system ideas instructions optics

Wine rack in the shape of pegboard is considered a good idea

Shelving system breadboard design


Fix the wooden plate firmly to the wall

breadboard ideas interior design novelties


Your children will definitely love this design idea

practical interior design with a plug-in board

One shelving system for everything? Yes, please!


Design pegboards with materials


Pegboard Designs practical use

Pegboards are also an attraction in children’s rooms

Breadboard made of wood look shelving system

Give the bedroom a cool look

ideas instructions optics shelves


No other shelving system offers as many advantages as the pegboard

design modern pinboard

The color scheme of the shelving systems depends on your taste! So be creative!

small holes designed as optics

Take care of your wall and use the numerous holes in the wooden panel

pegboard in pink

The pegboards provide a beautiful look

interior decoration


Every garage needs the practical shelving system

Design a garage with pegboard deen

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